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Happy Friday!  I got back from Napa Sunday night and MAN, this week has been a STRUGGLE.  I wasn’t feeling well my first few days back.  I’m sure it was partly all the wine I consumed/lack of sleep/jet lag, but I definitely had a cold/congestion thing going on as well (although Napa was totally worth it).  On top of that, Marley started peeing in the house a week ago, so I took her to the vet yesterday and it turns out her kidneys aren’t functioning properly.  The only solution was to leave her there for 2-4 days on a IV to see if they can normalize her kidney levels.  What a nightmare.  Leaving my 15 year old dog like that […]

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Favorite Buys of 2017

Happy New Year!  I hope everyone had a great New Year’s Eve!  We did as little as absolutely possible and it was perfect.  I always have to work New Year’s Day because we do a physical inventory of the store (Boem).  If you’ve been in my store, you would understand what an undertaking it is.  So it’s best for me to feel rested on New Year’s Day!  I am working on another post reflecting on the past year and sharing my resolutions for the coming year, but I also thought you might like to see my favorite buys of 2017, so here we go! {Click on any image to shop} Smith & Cult Nail Polish Doe My Dear $18 I […]

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Sweater Round Up

Happy Wednesday!  Y’all, reentry is a b*tch after vacation, especially when the vacation centers around drinking wine.  I just got back from Napa Valley, and if you haven’t been, then you need to go (as long as you like wine, you really must enjoy wine)!  It is one of my absolute favorite vacations.  I just feel spoiled the entire time I’m there.  Spoiled and a little tipsy, haha.  I am working on my Napa review and will hopefully have it to you by Friday! Now that sweater weather is officially here (at least in Charlotte it is), I thought it would be fun to show you the sweaters I have collected this season and some others that I have my […]

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