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Happy Friday!  I got back from Napa Sunday night and MAN, this week has been a STRUGGLE.  I wasn’t feeling well my first few days back.  I’m sure it was partly all the wine I consumed/lack of sleep/jet lag, but I definitely had a cold/congestion thing going on as well (although Napa was totally worth it).  On top of that, Marley started peeing in the house a week ago, so I took her to the vet yesterday and it turns out her kidneys aren’t functioning properly.  The only solution was to leave her there for 2-4 days on a IV to see if they can normalize her kidney levels.  What a nightmare.  Leaving my 15 year old dog like that […]

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Show Me Your Mumu Romper

If you don’t know about Show Me Your Mumu, YOU NEED TO KNOW!  It’s one of our best-selling brands at Boem, and all the girls who work at the store are obsessed (including me).  If you look at their website, you’ll see they do these amazing location shoots and it’s clear these girls are all about having fun.  It really translates to their clothes, too.  Let me tell you all the ways I love Show Me Your Mumu. First of all, the fabric.  OK, so it’s polyester, which gets a bad rap, but I love it.  You can machine wash it (and hang dry), and you can ball it up in your suitcase and then just shake it out and […]

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Tie Dye Maxi Skirt

If you go into my closet, the print you’ll see most is tie dye (floral being a close second).  I love a tie dye, it’s the inner hippie in me!  It’s definitely a trend that has been around for a while, and I am surprised every season when I still see it at market, and when people are still buying a ton of it in the store.  But I love it, so it works! I honestly did not think this maxi skirt would be cute on my curvy (wide) bum, but I tried it on and it is SO FLATTERING.  It’s also the most comfortable thing I have ever put on.  I’m wearing it with a bodysuit, my favorite oversized […]

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One Shoulder Gingham

Remember my first post with the overalls and OTS gingham top?  I told you I was going to show you another way to wear the top and here it is!  I don’t even know why I did this, maybe I missed a sleeve putting it on (LOL), but I love how it looks!  If you wear it on one shoulder it makes the bottom uneven (since it’s meant to be worn off the shoulder), but if you tuck it in no one will ever know.  I tucked it into my favorite high-waist jean shorts by Levi’s and added white sneakers.  I love the versatility of this top…not only can you wear it several ways, but I think it looks just […]

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