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Gift Guide for the Health Nut

Why wait for the new year for a new you?  Give the gift of health this Christmas!  These are all things I use and love for staying healthy all year long.  Click on any of the images to shop! Swell water bottles are the BEST.  They fit in the cup holder in your car, they’ll fit on my bike at Flywheel, and they keep water cold for up to 24 hours!  The large also holds a full bottle of wine…just sayin’. My Apple watch is legitimately one of my favorite things that I own.  I love it for phone calls (my ringer is always off and it will vibrate on my wrist when I’m getting a call), but I also […]

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Workout + Weekly Round Up

FRIIIIIIIDAY!!!  Well, actually I’m working tomorrow soooo it’s like a Thursday.  BUT, I have dinner with my girlfriends tonight so at least it will feel like Friday! Back at it with the weekly round up.  But first, I’m sharing a workout I did this week that I LOVED!  DISCLAIMER: I have no personal training experience or certification.  I just like to work out! Once a week I like to do a workout dedicated to my BOOTY.  I deadlift first, then I do a circuit of single leg movements.  Here was this week’s: Deadlift 3×5 then 2×5 (I did 125 lb and 145 lb) Then 3 Rounds of: 10 each leg Single Leg Hip Thrust (I used a 20 lb dumbbell) […]

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Weekly Round Up

TGIF!!  I’m looking forward to a weekend of beautiful weather with lots of time outside.  No plans yet, but I’m hoping it involves a pool.  I worked last Saturday, then it rained all day Sunday…which was honestly perfect because I was exhausted and took advantage of the couch time.  We binge-watched the entire season of Big Little Lies.  Have you seen it?!  We loved it…but it took a couple episodes to get into it.  I highly recommend it…the characters are great and the acting is incredible.  Just give it a couple episodes! I hope you enjoyed my weekly round up last week because here we go again!  Here are some scenes from my week with links to shop! Sweater | […]

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