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Marc Fisher


Happy Friday!  I got back from Napa Sunday night and MAN, this week has been a STRUGGLE.  I wasn’t feeling well my first few days back.  I’m sure it was partly all the wine I consumed/lack of sleep/jet lag, but I definitely had a cold/congestion thing going on as well (although Napa was totally worth it).  On top of that, Marley started peeing in the house a week ago, so I took her to the vet yesterday and it turns out her kidneys aren’t functioning properly.  The only solution was to leave her there for 2-4 days on a IV to see if they can normalize her kidney levels.  What a nightmare.  Leaving my 15 year old dog like that […]

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Sunshine Gingham

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a nice weekend.  Mine was SUPER chill, I virtually did nothing and loved it (I feel like I say that every week).  I did go to the lake on Saturday and visited my grandma on Sunday with my family, but other than that I laid low and was in bed by 10 PM all weekend. The older I get, the more I realize what a complicated holiday Mother’s Day is.  Last year I unexpectedly got really sad on Mother’s Day.  I don’t want to have children, but at times I feel like a failure for making that choice.  On Mother’s Day it can be especially hard.  I read a blog post first thing on […]

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Blue Life Maxi

Happy Monday, babes!  I’m in Hawaii for the next 12 days, and I am loving it.  Right now I’m on the island of Oahu in the Kailua area.  Friday Lance is coming and we are heading to Maui for the week.  I have had some great beach time and done a couple awesome hikes…when the trip is over I will be sure to round it all up for you!  If you have never been to Hawaii, it is truly paradise on earth.  I love the Caribbean and didn’t think Hawaii would be any different, but it is and totally worth the long trip to get here. Blue Life is the ultimate brand to pack for a beach trip.  It is super […]

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Brand Crush: Moon River

There is probably nothing I love more in the summer than white.  What is better than a basic white tee with jean shorts?  I also have an embarrassing number of white blouses.  This season I have especially been loving white dresses.  I’ve had to stop myself from buying too many of them!  And they are perfect with all the big, bright earrings I have been collecting. This dress is by Moon River, which is one of my favorite brands right now.  Their prices are AMAZING.  And what’s even more amazing is the quality for the price.  The fabrics are nice and thick and the designs are on point.  We carry it in Boem and people comment all the time that […]

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