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Scenes From My iPhone

Happy Wednesday!  I haven’t rounded up scenes from my iPhone lately, so here we go!  Click on any of the images to shop. First of all, the picture above is a new rug I just bought for Boem at Target.  It is SO much prettier in person.  I love it for the store because it has a lot of pattern, so I’m hoping it won’t show much dirt! Target has a bunch of cute rugs right now; here are some of my favs!   My new hobby is doing puzzles.  I wanted a Christmas puzzle, so we started with that over the Holidays, and I loved it so much that we’re now on our third!  The 1000 piece puzzles by Charles […]

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Under My Tree

Happy Friday!  Who even knows what day it is??  But yay for the weekend!  Even though I have been working all week, I have basically treated every night like it was the weekend!  That’s what the Holidays are for, am I right??  January is going to hit hard, let me tell you.  We always tighten everything up, AKA we start working out more regularly (I’ve been getting in about 3 workouts a week in December, but I like to do 5-7), we clean up our diets, we cut back on alcohol, and we basically hate life.  JK!  It’s not so bad.  Actually, it’s awful the first two weeks and then after that we both feel the best we’ve ever felt […]

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Free People Favs

I’m planning for another trip, so of course I want a whole new wardrobe!  Who else is with me on this?!  I said to Lance, ‘I need to go get everything I need for Hawaii.’  And he was like…’what are you talking about, you don’t need anything.’  Sigh.  Dudes.  They will never get it.  But, yes, I’m taking another vacation already.  Retail is slow in the summer so I take FULL advantage!  And I have a girlfriend living in Hawaii for the summer so HELLO?!?  Do you think I’m not going out there to stay for free?!  I’m going to Oahu for a week then Lance is meeting me and we head to Maui for week.  Here’s where we are […]

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