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Gift Guide for the Health Nut

Why wait for the new year for a new you?  Give the gift of health this Christmas!  These are all things I use and love for staying healthy all year long.  Click on any of the images to shop! Swell water bottles are the BEST.  They fit in the cup holder in your car, they’ll fit on my bike at Flywheel, and they keep water cold for up to 24 hours!  The large also holds a full bottle of wine…just sayin’. My Apple watch is legitimately one of my favorite things that I own.  I love it for phone calls (my ringer is always off and it will vibrate on my wrist when I’m getting a call), but I also […]

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Gift Guide: Travel Lover

This gift guide was SO fun and easy to put together because I LOVE to travel.  And I definitely have some things that I can’t leave home without.  Click on any of the images to shop!   First up: luggage.  Having the right luggage makes a HUGE difference when traveling.  I rarely check a bag, so I have gotten really good at fitting a ton in a carry on.  I like a hard-sided carry on that has equal packing space on either side.  Hard-sided suitcases are actually lighter weight and much easier to organize.  I also love traveling with a backpack…it’s really nice to throw something on my back rather than lugging a duffel around.   If I am traveling […]

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Gift Guide: For The Boys

Shopping for the men in my life is one of my absolute favorites!  My dad has great taste and loves nice things…my brother and boyfriend never buy anything for themselves and I feel like it’s my job in life to make sure they stay stylish.  Here are some of my ideas for the man in your life! I’m going to start with clothing because I think it’s a great gift for a guy who doesn’t care what he wears and never buys himself clothes (like my brother and boyfriend). Dylan Jeans $188 The Graduate $188 I’m just going to lay it out there.  I see SO many super stylish fashion bloggers with husbands and boyfriends that are still wearing BOOTCUT […]

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