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I shared my typical, weekly grocery haul from Trader Joe’s on Monday (you can read HERE), so today I wanted to tell you some things I eat in a typical week! You may have read my post a few weeks ago that I am doing a macro-tracking diet called Stronger U (you can read about that HERE), so I don’t usually make recipes, but instead I cook a lot of different things separately that I can build into meals (and easily track my macros).  I will update you soon on how the diet is going (in short, I’m obsessed).  Today I’m going to share some things I eat regularly.  I definitely tend to eat the same few things over and over!  […]

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Stronger U Food Diary: Week 1

I can’t even tell you how many diets my mom has tried over the years, but I feel like every month or so for my entire life it was always something new.  You know how you always say you won’t turn out like your mom and then you do?  Well, this was one of those things.  I wasn’t going to always try new diets.  And then….I became adult, and (in this aspect) I became my mother. Guess what?  I’m trying a new diet. The vegan thing in January wasn’t really a ‘diet,’ it was more like an experiment.  We wanted to see if Lance’s blood pressure would go down and hey, if we lost weight in the process that would […]

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A Day In My Life: What I Eat!

I tend to get a lot of responses to the food I post on IG stories, so I thought you might enjoy a day in my life: what I eat! It definitely varies greatly, but I do tend to eat pretty strict (and not drink) from Monday-Thursday.  I’m not saying it always goes like that, but that’s my goal.  I am not one for total deprivation, and I do usually eat a little something sweet every day.  Who am I kidding, I literally have a piece of chocolate every night.  But just ONE little piece.  OK, maybe two little pieces…haha! Breakfast My breakfast stays pretty standard.  I always have coffee.  Either just black, or sometimes I will have an iced […]

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