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Out Of Office

Hola from Mexico!!  Lance and I are taking a few much needed days off.  We have both been working a ton.  I feel like I have been going non-stop (I had two markets in February buying for Fall), and Lance has been working more than me, so I can’t even imagine how he feels.  We love coming to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean once a year where we can just check out and do NOTHING for a few days.  Our first full day consisted of a workout, breakfast, laying by the pool, lunch, a bubble bath (for me), a nap on the beach, and then a shower and a little work!  We’re having Italian tonight (which was the biggest […]

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Shopbop Sale Picks

Happy Friday and happy March!  I cannot believe it is already March!  My February was CRAZY, let me just tell you.  I spent the first weekend in Florida with some friends that just moved to Naples.  I came back from Florida on Sunday and left for Atlanta on Tuesday.  I was in Atlanta until Thursday (this was market for summer deliveries and some fall deliveries).  On that following Saturday, Lance I entered a charity chili cook off (you can see our recipe HERE).  I had sales reps visiting the following week (if I don’t see someone at market they will come see me at the store and bring their samples).  Then we hosted a huge sale Thursday and Friday.  The […]

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New Year, New Want List

Happy Wednesday!  This is probably the first full week back to the grind for most people…how’s it going??  I’m on the opposite schedule as I worked all through the holidays and since the new year I have been CHILLING.  Well, not really chilling because I don’t ever chill, but I haven’t been going to the store and have been getting my life in order!  That includes some fun things like trips to Ikea and 8 trips to Target and some not fun things like reviewing my year-end P&L for Boem line by line. Is anyone else obsessing over all the cute clothes coming out right now?!  It’s making me want a vacation STAT.  Lance and I have ZERO vacations on […]

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