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Gift Guide for the Guys

I always love putting together a gift guide for the guys!  I think it is SO easy…I don’t know about the men in your life, but they guys in my life never buy themselves anything (especially clothes).  Here are some of my favorites for the boys! Hands-down one of Lance’s favorite things is his record player.  If your man is into music and likes gadgets, I promise he will love a record player.  Note: you do need speakers to hook the record player up to (ours is hooked up to the surround sound). If you don’t know about Mizzen + Main shirts, you need to know!  They are men’s shirts, dress and casual, that are slim fit and made out […]

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Scenes From My iPhone

Happy Wednesday!  I haven’t rounded up scenes from my iPhone lately, so here we go!  Click on any of the images to shop. First of all, the picture above is a new rug I just bought for Boem at Target.  It is SO much prettier in person.  I love it for the store because it has a lot of pattern, so I’m hoping it won’t show much dirt! Target has a bunch of cute rugs right now; here are some of my favs!   My new hobby is doing puzzles.  I wanted a Christmas puzzle, so we started with that over the Holidays, and I loved it so much that we’re now on our third!  The 1000 piece puzzles by Charles […]

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Casual Friday

Happy Friday loves!  Any plans this weekend??  Am I the only one who REALLY overindulged last weekend?!  Soooo I’m trying to take it easy this weekend.  We’re cooking out with some friends on Saturday night, but that’s about all we have going on and I love it.  I’m also planning to finish up my CUBA POSTS!  If you didn’t see on Instagram, we spent 6 days in Cuba before Memorial Day and it was INCREDIBLE.  I can’t wait to tell you all about it and especially to dispel any fears you may have about going. It’s a casual Friday over here in my graphic tee + cut offs.  Honestly, if you went into my closet, it’s embarrassing how large my […]

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Weekly Round Up

Happy weekend friends!! Back in the day, I worked at Wachovia (before it was Wells Fargo) doing a total shit job in the basement of a HUGE building.  It was a sea of cubicles as far as you could see and there were NO windows.  I seriously can’t make this up.  And the job wasn’t even data entry, it was ‘data verification.’  So I would basically scroll through documents on my computer, and I would verify that all the dates and signatures, etc. were where they needed to be.  On hundreds of pages.  For 8 hours a day.  Are your eyes crossed?!  Mine were.  Anyway, I got a one hour lunch break and two more 15 minute breaks per day, and […]

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