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A Weekend in Naples

Happy Monday!  Worst Monday of the year, am I right??  The Monday after the Superbowl is always so hard.  And let me tell you…I went from 30 days of vegan to EATING EVERYTHING for the past few days, so needless to say I feel pretty terrible.  Oh, and one night at dinner my girlfriend and I EACH had a bottle of rosé, so that happened.  It’s been fun, but it’s ending tomorrow!  I’m going back off cheese (for the most part), cutting back on wine again, and if you read my last vegan post (HERE), I’m cutting back on carbs and concentrating on whole foods.  I’ve GREATLY enjoyed my break, but I am looking forward to eating clean again! I […]

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My Fav Combo: Sweaters + Skirts

Happy Friday…although it does not feel like a Friday to me!  I have been in Atlanta finishing up my Spring buy for Boem and traveling like that gets me all out of whack.  I am such a creature of habit, so it messes me up when I get out of my routine.  Market is always CRAZY.  It is such long days of work, and then always a glass of wine immediately after.  Sometimes I work out, but this time I didn’t and I ate horrible, too!  I just worked, ate, drank, and stayed up too late, so I am definitely paying for it now. If you live in the South, it has been HOT.  I could not believe how hot it […]

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Minkpink Antoinette Sweater + Peach Cobbler Recipe

FRIDAY!  We made it!  Honestly, this week FLEW by for me, anyone else??  I swear, my life is super cyclical…one week I am chilling and going to yoga and getting a massage and then the next week it’s like I have to work from sun up to sun down.  Luckily I love what I do, so work really isn’t work.  I know people say that all the time, but I really do mean it. Also…I am sitting on my screen porch and it’s mid-August.  What in the world??  I am loving every minute of it.  Considering the weather, it was a good time for my AC to break at the store…LOL, if there ever is a good time.  Luckily we’ve […]

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Weekly Round Up

Happy Friday!  It’s been a while since I have done a weekly round up, so here we go! First, one of my fav recipes, Greek tzatziki. Simple Tzatziki Recipe 6 oz non-fat greek yogurt 1 small cucumber 1 small clove garlic (the one pictured above was too big!) Juice from half a lemon Salt, pepper and dill weed Peel and chop cucumber and garlic.  Mix all ingredients and add salt, pepper, and dill weed to taste.  It’s best to let it sit at least 10 minutes before serving. This is such an easy, throw-together dip/sauce/condiment!  I usually have all the ingredients on hand, too.  It’s great to serve as a dip with crackers or veggies, or I love to put […]

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