Exaggerated Sleeves

If there is one trend I am obsessed with, it is all things EXAGGERATED, especially a sleeve.  This trend is going forward (I saw a lot of it coming for Fall 17) and I couldn’t be more excited. Side note: Can we take a moment and express gratitude for this world we live in????  Back in the day, you would buy a Vogue magazine and covet things you couldn’t afford and never get to wear the trend because by the time you could afford it, it was out.  Fast forward to now…love it or hate it, but fast fashion is making trends accessible (and affordable) almost immediately, definitely within the same season.  I know there are fashion-purists out there who […]

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Weekly Round Up

Happy Friday babes!!  Who’s excited for the weekend?!?  ME.  Lance is home from back to back work trips and we have a charity and wine event tonight called Big Bottles and Blues that should be a lot of fun.  Saturday I am working the Girl Tribe Pop Up at Sugar Creek Brewery…ya’ll it is SO FUN.  If you are local to Charlotte, you should come out!  Boem will be there with a booth, along with SO many other retailers.  It’s awesome to shop everything all in one place…I always end up spending a lot of money…lol. Grab your girlfriends and a beer and just shop, shop, shop!  Here is the info: I thought it would be fun to round up of […]

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Farmer’s Daughter

If you told me last year that I would be wearing gingham this spring, I would have told you you were crazy.  When I think of gingham, the first thing that comes to mind is preppy.  It just goes to show the power of fashion and photography and styling…because this season I’m in LOVE with gingham. Literally, you have to pry this top off of me, I’ve been wearing it every week! I love how fashion can take something old and make it new again, and that’s exactly what happened with gingham.  Take gingham and put it on a new bold shape (think off the shoulder, exaggerated sleeves, oversized ruffles) and you have something entirely new.  If I have learned […]

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