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Let’s Talk About Money Honey

I don’t know why I want to talk about this subject.  Maybe it’s because no one ever taught me about money, so I figure some of you might be in the same boat.  Maybe it’s because it’s so faux-pas to talk about money and they say that plays into women making less in the workplace.  Maybe it’s because most articles you’ll find about money are written by men in finance and are hard to relate to.  Whatever the reason, you don’t learn about money management in school, so unless your parents teach you, you’re kind of screwed.  I was pretty poor after college (my first job out of college I made $10 an hour as a 1099 employee and when […]

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Thirty Seven Things

Today is my birthday and I’m 37 YEARS OLD. I don’t know why that sounds so old, but it does.  I AM NOW OFFICIALLY IN MY LATE 30s.  I seriously have a huge fear of turning 40.  Getting older as a woman is tough.  Everything changes, and it changes fast.  I can barely drink because if I do, my hangovers are unbearable.  I get SUPER sore working out.  My back aches.  I have wrinkles and sun spots and it’s harder every year to stay skinny.  But on the other hand, I’ve never been happier or more confident in my life.  It’s weird because as I have gotten older, even as I have lost the beauty of my youth, as I […]

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My Everyday Essentials

I wanted to round up some things that I use every day that I love.  It’s such a random list, but it’s truly stuff I use every single day. Lip Sleeping Mask I have mentioned this stuff before, but it’s just SO good.  I REALLY look forward to putting it on when I get into bed and it makes my lips so soft. Oral B Pro 1000 Electric Toothbrush Y’all.  Why did no one tell me how awesome an electric toothbrush is?!  If I accidentally pick up my old toothbrush, I’m like…what is this archaic contraption???  After using an electric toothbrush it feels like a regular toothbrush isn’t even doing anything.  This toothbrush got great reviews and I have loved […]

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Let Me Count The Ways…

Happy Valentine’s Day!!  Truthfully, Valentine’s ain’t my thang, what about y’all??  I feel like it puts pressure on couples and makes singles feel bad.  Lance and I have never done anything for Valentine’s Day and the tradition continues this year considering he’s in DC for work.  I asked him on Tuesday if he knew tomorrow was Valentine’s Day and he said no, he thought it was the 8th.  So there you go. I thought it would be fun in honor of Valentine’s Day to take a trip down memory lane and tell you a little about Lance and my love story.  If you are totally uninterested, it’s definitely worth scrolling through some of these old pics (that are mostly embarrassing […]

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