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Help Me Reach My Goal!

If you read my New Year, New Goals post, you saw that one of my major New Year’s resolutions was to volunteer/give back more.  This coming week I have two things lined up, and for one of them I need YOUR help! Meet my friend Sherry. Sherry was diagnosed with Stage 3C Ovarian Cancer at the age of 33.  Five days later she was having a 7-hour surgery that included a full hysterectomy.  Following her surgery, Sherry endured 17 months of chemotherapy.  After chemo, she was cancer-free!  But 15 months later, Sherry heard the words you never want to hear: the cancer is back.  She had another surgery (liver resection and splenectomy) and is currently receiving 6 months of chemo. […]

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My Favorite Activewear From Well Kept

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE having cute activewear.  It seriously motivates me to work out!  It used to be that Lululemon was the only place that made great looking activewear that was also functional, but now there are tons of brands that are making activewear that is quality AND cute.  So many people now wear activewear as lifestyle clothing, too, so I feel like the styling has come a LONG way. I have been buying from Well Kept for a while now.  I love supporting a locally owned business when I can!  This store is in Davidson, NC, but they will ship anywhere in the U.S. and even though they don’t have a website, they are super […]

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Podcast Recommendations

I am seriously obsessed with podcasts.  Anyone else?!  If you have never listened to one, you need to!  I love the idea that I can educate and entertain myself in my down time.  When I’m driving, when I’m walking…that’s my favorite.  I love to put my headphones on, put a podcast on, and just walk for an hour.  They are great for long car rides or if you have a commute to and from work.  Or while you’re waiting in the carpool line!  Podcasts are free and if you have an iPhone, just find this icon to search and download podcasts: Here are some of my favs.  I would love to hear if you have listened to any that you […]

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Workout + Weekly Round Up

FRIIIIIIIDAY!!!  Well, actually I’m working tomorrow soooo it’s like a Thursday.  BUT, I have dinner with my girlfriends tonight so at least it will feel like Friday! Back at it with the weekly round up.  But first, I’m sharing a workout I did this week that I LOVED!  DISCLAIMER: I have no personal training experience or certification.  I just like to work out! Once a week I like to do a workout dedicated to my BOOTY.  I deadlift first, then I do a circuit of single leg movements.  Here was this week’s: Deadlift 3×5 then 2×5 (I did 125 lb and 145 lb) Then 3 Rounds of: 10 each leg Single Leg Hip Thrust (I used a 20 lb dumbbell) […]

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