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Gingham on Gingham

I am TOTALLY obsessed with gingham this season.  Who would have thought??  I think gingham is traditionally preppy, but I’m loving that there are so many twists on the classic this year.  I have at least 4 new pieces of gingham in my closet from this season! I love this set from Misa, and I’ve already worn it a ton.  It’s the perfect way to transition into spring.  I can wear the pants with a tee and leather jacket or cropped sweater and the top with jeans (or shorts as it warms up).  Of course I love it as a set, too!  Some things are worth the splurge, and an outfit like this (that you can wear so many ways), […]

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Thirty Seven Things

Today is my birthday and I’m 37 YEARS OLD. I don’t know why that sounds so old, but it does.  I AM NOW OFFICIALLY IN MY LATE 30s.  I seriously have a huge fear of turning 40.  Getting older as a woman is tough.  Everything changes, and it changes fast.  I can barely drink because if I do, my hangovers are unbearable.  I get SUPER sore working out.  My back aches.  I have wrinkles and sun spots and it’s harder every year to stay skinny.  But on the other hand, I’ve never been happier or more confident in my life.  It’s weird because as I have gotten older, even as I have lost the beauty of my youth, as I […]

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Out Of Office

Hola from Mexico!!  Lance and I are taking a few much needed days off.  We have both been working a ton.  I feel like I have been going non-stop (I had two markets in February buying for Fall), and Lance has been working more than me, so I can’t even imagine how he feels.  We love coming to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean once a year where we can just check out and do NOTHING for a few days.  Our first full day consisted of a workout, breakfast, laying by the pool, lunch, a bubble bath (for me), a nap on the beach, and then a shower and a little work!  We’re having Italian tonight (which was the biggest […]

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Gucci Unboxing

Is anyone else as obsessed with Gucci as I am??  I’m sure you have seen that I got THE BELT, which I love, love, love and wear almost everyday.  I had been waiting for my size to come back into stock, but finally decided to stop waiting and just ordered a bigger size.  I need to get it cut down, but I’ve just been wearing it kind of big in the meantime.  I ordered the 85, but really need the 80 or maybe even 75 (just because I wear really high-waist jeans). I went to a Gucci store when I was in Naples, FL and treated myself to another Gucci item that I had been eyeing.  I consider these two […]

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