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Brand Spotlight: Misa

I know I’m not the only one. I tend to wear the same designers over and over and over. And I definitely go through phases, too. Currently I am crushing hard on all things Misa. Remember the exaggerated sleeve top I posted a while back? That was also Misa. My newest purchase is this gorgeous baby pink boho dress. I love that I can wear her casual or dress her up a little more. She is perfect for all those occasions that are hard to dress for (like church, baby showers, dinner with the in-laws). I love that she has a sleeve so that I can wear a normal bra and that she’s not too short.  I picked this dress […]

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One Shoulder Gingham

Remember my first post with the overalls and OTS gingham top?  I told you I was going to show you another way to wear the top and here it is!  I don’t even know why I did this, maybe I missed a sleeve putting it on (LOL), but I love how it looks!  If you wear it on one shoulder it makes the bottom uneven (since it’s meant to be worn off the shoulder), but if you tuck it in no one will ever know.  I tucked it into my favorite high-waist jean shorts by Levi’s and added white sneakers.  I love the versatility of this top…not only can you wear it several ways, but I think it looks just […]

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My Favorite Jeans

I have never been one of those people to buy multiples of the same thing.  You know those people.  They love a shirt and buy it in all 5 colors.  That was not me.  Until I found these jeans: Topshop Jamie Jeans I have bought these jeans in FOUR WASHES.  Yep.  I just keep buying them.  Let me count the ways I love these jeans: 1.The price.  Under $100, gotta love that. 2. The rise. It’s a high rise, and hits at the perfect place to hide all the squishy places.  Plus, I love tucking a shirt in. 3. The pocket placement and size. Most people don’t think about this, but it’s one of the most important aspects when choosing […]

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Exaggerated Sleeves

If there is one trend I am obsessed with, it is all things EXAGGERATED, especially a sleeve.  This trend is going forward (I saw a lot of it coming for Fall 17) and I couldn’t be more excited. Side note: Can we take a moment and express gratitude for this world we live in????  Back in the day, you would buy a Vogue magazine and covet things you couldn’t afford and never get to wear the trend because by the time you could afford it, it was out.  Fast forward to now…love it or hate it, but fast fashion is making trends accessible (and affordable) almost immediately, definitely within the same season.  I know there are fashion-purists out there who […]

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