Gift Guide for the Guys

I always love putting together a gift guide for the guys!  I think it is SO easy…I don’t know about the men in your life, but they guys in my life never buy themselves anything (especially clothes).  Here are some of my favorites for the boys!

Hands-down one of Lance’s favorite things is his record player.  If your man is into music and likes gadgets, I promise he will love a record player.  Note: you do need speakers to hook the record player up to (ours is hooked up to the surround sound).

If you don’t know about Mizzen + Main shirts, you need to know!  They are men’s shirts, dress and casual, that are slim fit and made out of a stretch material.  They are WAY better fitting than traditional men’s dress shirts and more comfortable, too.  AND they are machine wash!

I put this on my travel guide, but it’s so good I wanted to put it here, too!  This little speaker can go anywhere: camping, tailgating, out to the beach.  It’s great to travel with!

OK, hear me out: Target has great men’s clothes.  I swear.  This henley is Lance’s favorite shirt in his closet!  I used to buy Lance expensive clothes, but he ALWAYS stains them or gets a hole in them, so Target it is.  He doesn’t even know the difference LOL.  Check out Goodfellow & Co. at Target; it’s great!

One of my goals in life was to get Lance out of his old school, baggy, oversized sweatpants.  Mission accomplished with cute and cozy joggers!

Would you know these are Uggs if I didn’t tell you??  I think they look so cool with the laces and not like Uggs at all…yet they are lined with shearling and feel like slippers!

I love these gloves from North Face that would look great casual or with workwear.

Lance has this backpack and it’s awesome (especially for the price).  It has TONS of pockets and can hold a lot of stuff.  It’s perfect for traveling or taking your laptop to work.

A Patagonia pullover is one of the only coats Lance wears.  I love that this one looks a little nicer than your typical fleece.

This is another brand you need to know about if you don’t know.  All my guy friends have and love these shoes.  They are made out of Merino Wool, which is naturally sweat-wicking.  They are like bedroom slippers that you can wear out!  I love the new high top style.

Lance is obsessed with his Hydroflask.  It keeps water cold for up to 24 hours (it’s the more manly version of the Swell).

This was also on the travel guide, but it’s a really good one!  It keeps all your cords organized for traveling; great for the guy who travels for work.

This isn’t groundbreaking, but if your man doesn’t have a Google home, I promise he will love it.  I like these little minis so you can buy a few and put them in every room.

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