Gift Guide for the Health Nut

Why wait for the new year for a new you?  Give the gift of health this Christmas!  These are all things I use and love for staying healthy all year long.  Click on any of the images to shop!

Swell water bottles are the BEST.  They fit in the cup holder in your car, they’ll fit on my bike at Flywheel, and they keep water cold for up to 24 hours!  The large also holds a full bottle of wine…just sayin’.

My Apple watch is legitimately one of my favorite things that I own.  I love it for phone calls (my ringer is always off and it will vibrate on my wrist when I’m getting a call), but I also love all the health features.  It tracks my steps and movement throughout the day and will ping me if I’ve been sitting too long.  I also run it during workouts to see how many calories I’m burning.  It is hands down worth every penny!

Another thing I use on the daily is my food scale.  I don’t always measure all my food, but I do typically measure my complex carbs and protein.  I’m one of those people who will eat an entire bag of chips if given the chance, so being able to portion my food out is necessary!

I love having a green powder on hand.  If I feel like I’m not eating enough vegetables, I can get some nutrients stat!  Catie’s is the best and tastes great.  I love putting it in smoothies, and I use this immersion blender to make them.

One of my musts for working out are wireless headphones.  I’ve had Beats for years, but they just broke so I bought this cheaper version on Amazon.  The quality is great and since I mainly just wear them on my long walks, I didn’t feel like I needed to spend the money for Beats.  And these are exactly the same anyway!

I love having the option to work out at home.  Then you have no excuses!  If you buy a few cheap pieces of equipment, it can really take your workouts to the next level.  I have this step and bench and they are both awesome.  I use the bench for step ups, sit ups, dips, hip thrusts, and more.  And the step is great for tons of legs exercises!

Another workout must-have: bands.  Bands are awesome to travel with because they take up almost no space and you can do SO many movements with them!

I don’t have an Instant Pot, but they are all the rage amongst health enthusiasts.  Skinnytaste has THE BEST recipes; I have loved everything I have ever made of hers.  This cookbook is geared towards the Instant Pot, so this combo would make the perfect gift.

These are my absolute favorite shoes for working out.  I have tried different brands, but I keep coming back to these shoes.  I love that I can run, walk, and lift in them.  I have this exact pair in two colors!

Nothing motivates me to work out like cute workout wear!  I love all things Alo.  It is super comfortable, stretchy, high-waisted, and their styles are alway on point.

Last but not least, to TRULY give the gift of health, give a nutritional coaching session from Stronger U (or put it on your own Christmas list)!  I did Stronger U earlier this year and lost 10 pounds.  They cater your diet specifically to your goals, so it works for someone trying to tone up and lose ‘the last 5 pounds,’ or the person who needs to lose 100 pounds.  I seriously can’t recommend the program highly enough (I’m going back on it for a reset in January myself).  If you do sign up and list me as reference, I would really appreciate it!  

To buy a gift certificate to Stronger U, use THIS link.  Enter the amount and the recipients first and last name.  Here are the current package prices:

12 weeks: $399
6 months: $699 ($99 savings)
1 year: $1299 ($300 savings)

Once they are ready to redeem, have them email

Thanks for reading!  Happy shopping!

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