Gift Guide: Travel Lover

This gift guide was SO fun and easy to put together because I LOVE to travel.  And I definitely have some things that I can’t leave home without.  Click on any of the images to shop!


First up: luggage.  Having the right luggage makes a HUGE difference when traveling.  I rarely check a bag, so I have gotten really good at fitting a ton in a carry on.  I like a hard-sided carry on that has equal packing space on either side.  Hard-sided suitcases are actually lighter weight and much easier to organize.  I also love traveling with a backpack…it’s really nice to throw something on my back rather than lugging a duffel around.


If I am traveling for longer and need to fit more, I will use a duffel instead of a backpack.  I love this one and the price is great!  It’s also nice to have for a weekend trip where you don’t want to take a rolling bag.


One essential to successful carry on packing: packing cubes.  You can fit so much more and keep it all really organized.  I also love that I can fill one packing cube with dirty clothes on my way home, which makes it so much easier to unpack.

A few more travel organizers that I don’t leave home without: a cord organizer and a travel jewelry case.  I particularly love this jewelry holder because it has a bunch of little pouches so nothing gets tangled.

These noise-cancelling headphones are the ultimate travel accessory.  You don’t realize how loud a plane is until you have these and can block it all out (and the crying baby, too).



I ALWAYS get cold on planes, so an absolute must-have for me is some kind of wrap and cozy socks.  You cannot beat Barefoot Dreams…they are so soft, and I love that they are machine wash and dry!

Because sometimes people leave their window open or their light on!

I love a neck pillow, but I hate traveling with one because they are so bulky.  This is an awesome, less bulky option.

The cutest travel nail kit with all the necessities!

One of my absolute must-haves for travel is a speaker.  Bose makes the best quality and this size is perfect.  This would make a great gift for a guy in your life!

There are so many great premium beauty items available in a travel size.  I get pretty attached to my products, so I love stocking up on these kits.

Because sometimes you want a good cocktail mid-flight.  These kits are so cute and come in a ton of options!

I HATE ironing, so I love traveling with a compact steamer.



A few things that are always in my travel bag: a mask, eye patches, and hand lotion.


Now….to plan a trip!  Thanks for reading!

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