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Image via Amber Interiors.  All other images via Pinterest.

I had a former employee (a college student) back in town for a few weeks and she wanted hours at Boem, so I said, ‘you know what?  You can have all mine’ LOL.  So I took some personal time this week and it has been GRAND.  I had a friend in town, so we lunched and shopped (and dinnered and drank).  I met another friend for coffee.  I got a massage, I went to the dentist, and I did a ton of furniture shopping.  I also met with my builder for 2 hours to start hashing out house details.  Because guess what??  OUR HOUSE STARTED THIS WEEK.  Praise be.  The timing will actually be perfect because we will list our current house for the spring market next year.  On our original timeline we would have been moving during the holidays of this year, so all the setbacks have been a blessing, right??

One thing I really wanted to accomplish this week was to nail down some design decisions for the house and with the furniture.  It’s just SO time consuming that I never seem to be able to carve out the time, so taking a few days off this week was just what I needed, and I feel like I made SO much headway.  There are still 1 million decisions to make, but at least I have a good running start!  I thought it might be fun to show you what I’ve been shopping for and what I’ve been pinning for house inspo!

My first thought was to find outdoor furniture because everything is on sale right now.  I haven’t bought anything, but I did at least decide which direction I want to go.  I’m going to go look at some furniture when I go to market next month (there is a building with furniture and such that I’ll have access to)!

My biggest question with the outdoor space was: warm tones or grey tones?  I ultimately decided on warm, teak tones!  For our screened porch, I’m going to have three sofas in a U shape and a big rectangle dining table.

I love this look:

I don’t think I’ll be bold enough to do black cushions, but I LOVE this look, too:

I want a different style table, but I am obsessed with these dining chairs for the screened porch (not the bench)!




I’m going to be selling a lot of the furniture that we have now, and randomly someone approached me already about buying some of it, so that kind of got me motivated to go ahead and buy some new pieces.

She bought my barstools, so I replaced them with these!  I love them.

She also bought my dining chairs, so I spent a lot of time this week trying to figure out what I want to replace those with.  I really want Mandy Moore’s chairs, and I literally went into full on sleuth mode to find them.  BUT they are discontinued and 1 million dollars.  But aren’t they gorgeous though:

Instead….what do you think of these??

Here are some dining room tables I am considering:

I haven’t even started to tackle the sofa yet.  I know I want a cream sectional…but couches are a lot harder.  I am one of those people who likes to change things up.  I learned a while ago that expensive, original art is not for me, nor is super expensive furniture, because I’ll probably want something different in a few years!  Case and point, everything in my current house is brand new from 4 years ago, but I want all new for the new house.  So I try not to buy super expensive anything.  Sure, I’ll splurge on something if I love it.  And the couch is a different story because I want a NICE sofa.  And a nice, quality sofa makes a HUGE difference .  It’s something we use every single day.  I like a firm couch that’s going to hold it’s shape over the years.  I’m kind of lost as to where to source one, so if you know…let me know!

A few living inspo pics:

I’ve started thinking a little about lighting, too.  I have heavier lighting at my current house, and I want very minimalist lighting in the new house.

I love three of these over my island:

And I love this sleek chandelier for the dining room:

I need to start thinking about bathroom lighting…add that to the to-do list!

One of the largest and hardest decisions when building a house is tile and cabinets.  We have 4 full bathrooms (which honestly I hadn’t even registered until I sat down and started planning this week), so that’s a lot of tile, cabinets, countertops, and lighting choices!  Here is some of my inspo.

I want to do this printed tile in our downstairs hall bath:

And I love this cabinet situation for that same bathroom (and this mirror and lighting):

I want to do black hexagon tiles like these for the upstairs hall bath.  I like this pendant lighting, too:

The upstairs hall bath has a walk-in shower.  I like this black trimmed shower situation:

And for the shower walls, I like this skinny white subway tile laid in a herringbone pattern:

For the Jack and Jill bathroom upstairs, I like a white hexagon floor:

That bathroom has a tub shower, so we’ll do a simple (and cheap) subway tile in there.

I love these cabinets for the Jack and Jill bath:

For the master bath, I want it to be a little more sleek and sophisticated.  I want to use a shiny, large, marble-look tile everywhere:

We’ll do a herringbone pattern on the floor.  And I like a lighter wood cabinet for the master bath:

I love the thick look of that countertop, too.

I feel like that’s a pretty legit start, don’t you??  I still need to make an endless list of decisions, but I feel REALLY good about the decisions I have made!  Oh, one more major decision I made: we’re going to do flat-front, white cabinets in the kitchen and natural wood open shelving:

I think it’s coming together, don’t you?  I can’t wait to share the whole process with you!  Have a great weekend!

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