Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Favs

Happy Sunday!  I am STILL shopping the Nordstrom sale…LOL!  I don’t know if you had any issues placing your order, but I sure did.  I placed my online order, but I never received an email confirmation.  I logged into my account and my order showed cancelled, so I placed it again.  Well, the next time I logged in and looked, BOTH orders had gone through.  Sigh.  I went by Nordstrom yesterday to pick up my in-store pieces and returned the duplicates.  I still have some duplicates coming in the mail, so what I might do (since so much cute stuff is sold out) is do a giveaway with a few of the pieces!  It was fun to be in the store yesterday and see everything in person.  I now have some more clothing picks (which I’ll share later), but first I’m going to show you what I’m loving from the home section.


I saw this in-store yesterday and it is SO CUTE.  I love having plenty of serving pieces on hand for entertaining.  This one is HUGE and I loved that (it also comes in a smaller size HERE).


Just go ahead and buy a bunch of these and thank me later.  This blanket is the softest thing I’ve ever felt.  I have given it as a wedding gift along with a cute basket to store it in.  It would also make an awesome Christmas gift!  I felt a bunch of blankets at Nordstrom yesterday (all of them way more expensive) and this one is still my favorite!


I love these diffusers so much!  The scents are clean and not too perfume-y and they last a long time.  My mom came over and loved mine so much that I gave her one for Mother’s Day and she was SO happy (and she’s the hardest to shop for).  The sale is a great time to pick up some gifts for a steal (or if you’re like me, one for me and one for you)!


How cute are these wine glasses??  They are perfect for outside in the summer.  Can’t you just see me by my pool (that doesn’t exist yet) sipping out of one of these??  Haha.  A girl can dream.


I love a Turkish towel and this is a great price!


This is the perfect neutral layering pillow.  It will look so good on a bed or a couch and you can pair it with so many different styles.


Another great gift idea (would be the perfect hostess gift).  I keep a stack of coasters on pretty much every single surface, so I feel like I can never have enough!


I have a tray in every bathroom to corral all the things like jars of cotton balls, perfume, candles, etc.  This one is gorgeous!


We use olive oil and vinegar to dress all of our salads.  I love this serving set and it would be perfect for a mix of olive oil and vinegars.


Another great serving piece.


I love this palm print.  It comes in 2 sizes for $18.90 or $31.90.


This is a lazy Susan!  It would be so great for entertaining.  You can put food on it or put all the condiments on it for easy access.


These are my favorite candles and with this set you can put one in every room!


I’m adding this to my ‘home’ post because I’m planning to wear it around the house!  This is my favorite purchase from the Nordstrom sale…I am OBSESSED.  It’s actually kind of embarrassing how excited I am about a cardigan to wear around the house, but such is life when you’re 37 I guess…LOL!


I’m going to have a sit-down vanity at the new house…yay!  I’ve heard great things about this make up mirror, and I think it would be awesome for my new bathroom.

OK, that’s it for home!  I’ll post some more of my clothing favs for y’all tomorrow!  Happy Sunday!

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