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As promised, here is what I have been eating lately!  As I was compiling these pictures, I was thinking…hmmm, this is pretty boring.  I tend to eat such simple food (and the same thing over and over again).  But such is life when you’re counting macros.  I don’t make a lot of recipes, but instead I just cook things separately (carb, protein, veggies) that I can throw together into meals.  Hopefully it’s not boring for you to read!  Here is what I’ve been eating:


Ezekiel toast with almond butter // Applegate turkey bacon // Blueberries

I love Ezekiel toast and almond butter.  Another breakfast I have been having is Ezekiel toast with almond butter and a green smoothie.  I LOVE a cold smoothie in the summer, but I also love the substantialness of the toast and almond butter.

Egg white scramble: Egg whites // Onions // Mushrooms // Turkey bacon // Cheddar cheese // Boar’s Head Sauerkraut on the side

I do a lot of egg white scramble variations for breakfast because you get a lot of bang for your macro buck (a lot of food for not many macros)!

Banana // Fage fat free Greek yogurt // Granola

This was SO delicious, but KILLED my carbs for the day!  And I don’t like having to give up my nightly Halo Top LOL.

Breakfast taco: Trader Joe’s low carb tortilla // Egg whites // Onions // Mushrooms // Cheddar cheese // Enchilada sauce // Jalapeños // Sauerkraut on the side

Give me Mexican food 3 meals a day and I’m a happy girl!

Egg white scramble:  Egg whites // Mushrooms // Onions // Zucchini // Cheddar cheese // Enchilada sauce // Mashed sweet potatoes on the side

This was one of those use-all-the-leftovers-but-add-egg-whites-to-make-it-breakfast meals.  And it was actually really good!


Chopped salad: Lettuce // Ground chicken // Hearts of palm // Onions // Cucumbers // Olives // Steamed broccoli // Low fat feta cheese // Olive oil // Red wine vinegar

I have eaten this salad (or some variation of it) like 100 times over the last month (or at least it feels like that).  It’s really delicious, quick to throw together, and a lot of food for not a lot of macros.

Open-faced sandwich: Sourdough // Sliced turkey // Sauerkraut // Light thousand island dressing // Swiss cheese // Salad on the side

When I work from home, I have the luxury to make fancy meals like open-faced, toasted sandwiches.

Taco salad: Lettuce // Taco seasoned ground chicken // Onions // Salsa // Cheddar cheese // Sour cream // Tortilla chips

This is another salad that I feel like I have eaten 100 times, but it is SO good that I just can’t stop eating it.

Roll ups: Trader Joe’s low carb tortillas // Turkey // Cheese // Light thousand island dressing // Salad on the side

Yum, yum, yum!  This was a really simple but satisfying lunch…I toasted the roll ups in the frying pan a little (another luxury on work from home days).  Also, sometimes I HAVE to take one bite before I can even take a picture LOL.


Turkey breast // Mashed sweet potato with butter and cinnamon // Green beans

My dinners lately have tended to be SUPER simple without a lot of variation.  Meat, carb, veggie.  Simple and satisfying…and then I treat myself to some Halo Top!

Tacos: Low carb tortillas // Taco seasoned ground chicken // Cheddar cheese // Salsa // Sour cream // Zucchini // Refried black beans

I could eat some variation of Mexican food for every meal (as evidenced by breakfast tacos, taco salad, and tacos LOL).

Ground beef burger // Cheddar cheese // Lettuce // Onion // Mayo // Ketchup // Bun // Alexis sweet potato waffle fries

On the weekends, I like to work a splurge meal into my macros.  Having a burger fresh off the grill, on a bun, with cheese and a side of fries was SUCH a treat…and in my macro count!

Grilled pork chop // Mashed sweet potatoes // Arugula salad with parmesan

Another simple meat/veggie/carb combo.

You can see my full food diary HERE.  For my meals, I try to eat lots of lean protein, vegetables, and good carbs.  Then I allow myself some treats with my snacks.  I eat something sweet every night (usually Halo Top).  I love cheese and crackers, so sometimes I’ll have that as a pre-dinner snack.  Another snack I have often is a Think Thin bar (I usually need the added protein to meet my macro goal, too).

Thanks for reading!

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