Katie Dress + Random thoughts

Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a nice weekend??  Lance and I went camping and kept our phones off the whole time and it was SO nice.  Honestly, not having our phones was the best part.  It’s amazing how tied we are to them (or I am at least) and how distracting they are.  I was amazed at how easy it was to not use them at all when it wasn’t an option.

OK, first up: this dress.  It is SO cute and has been worth every penny.  I was really hesitant about buying it (it’s not cheap and I didn’t NEED it), but I’m so glad I did.  It’s the kind of dress that’s perfect to have in your closet.  It’s easy to dress up or down and works as well for a nice dinner out as it would for church.  I love the darker color that makes it a little dressier and you can add tights and a jacket to wear it for three seasons.  The little ditsy floral print and the lace trim are so cute.  Bottom line: this is a great dress.  It’s one of my favorite designers right now; I’ll link this dress along with a few other favs from LOVESHACKFANCY.  Click on any of the images to shop.

Shop my look:

(The shoes I’m wearing in this post are old Free People and long gone, but I just got these See by Chloe platforms and I’m OBSESSED.)


And some of my other favorites from LSF.  They always have the cutest sets.  I LOVE a set because you have so many options wearing it together or separate.





I have this pink sweatshirt and wear it ALL THE TIME (seriously I wore it yesterday and today).  It’s the perfect weight for spring and the right length to wear with a LSF skirt or over a dress.  I love this ivory version, and feel like I would wear it all the time!



I also found my pink sweatshirt on sale here!

And my dress comes in pink!  I LOVE it in this color:



Here is another LSF piece on sale; I have the skirt in this color, and I love it (sorry, I don’t know why these images are so small!):

I always love a white dress:



Now some random thoughts.  I don’t get super personal on the blog, but my most personal posts are my most read posts, so here you go.

So first up, my baby girl dog Marley that I have had for 15 years is dying.  She’s not sick or anything, but just super old and losing use of her back legs and because of that, losing control of her bowels.  This has been going on for…I would say it started sometime late last year.  Marley used to sleep in our bedroom, but she can’t make it up the stairs anymore, and then the pooping started…so we now gate her in the mudroom at night where it’s easy to clean up.  I’m the first one up, so that’s a part of my daily routine now.  Lance and I went to Mexico in March and the morning we left, I got up to let Marley out and she started walking outside, but then started pooping and slipped and fell in it.  On the morning we were leaving her.  It’s so sad; heart wrenching really.  We decided that would be our last trip together until Marley is gone.  (Lance and I both travel for work, so we will be gone separately, just not together).  Another morning I came down and Marley had knocked the gate down and was laying in the kitchen in a huge puddle of pee and poop and couldn’t get up.  This doesn’t happen every day, or even every week, but when it does it’s terrible.  It’s so hard to know when it’s ‘time.’  Marley is my first dog (I got her right out of college), so I’ve never had to make that call.  She still gets excited to go on walks (although she struggles to make it the whole way), and she’s still eating, so we’ve said those are the indicators that she’s still enjoying life.  People ask me pretty much every day where our next trip is since Lance and I travel so much…and then I tell them why were aren’t traveling, and I’m sure it’s super awkward when they just wanted to know where we’re going and not all about my dog dying.  But such is life and I really don’t know how else to answer.  The camping trip we just took was actually for Marley; we’ve come up with a bucket list for her and one of the things she loved most was camping.  Next up: ice cream.  She LOVES ice cream.

Blogging is hard.  It’s A LOT of work and takes up a lot of my time and energy.  Coming up with content and then making that content come to life is a challenge.  SO OFTEN I’m like….what am I doing?  Why am I doing this??  I’m still not sure I know the answer.  Parts of it I love: I love all that I have learned, I love the creative side, and I also love having a sort of diary of my life and travels and food.  But is it worth all the work??  Most of the time I think it’s not.  I have a great business (Boem) that I could be putting this time and energy into, so I struggle with that.  Am I putting my time and energy to it’s best use?  I also really don’t ever know how to stop ANYTHING.  I just go, go, go.  So there’s that.

Speaking of choices, I have been toying with the idea of opening another store.  But…do I have time for that??  Can I still do the blog AND that?  Will it be successful???  I’m not so naïve to think just because one store worked, another would be a guaranteed success.  If anything, I am more nervous to open up a second store then I was the first because I acutely know the long, hard grind it was to make my current store successful.  I wish I just had someone that would say….do this.  This is what you should do.  Actually I do kind of have that in Lance, so I’m hoping he’ll just make the decision for me LOL.

Oh, and the house!  I have so much anxiety about this damn house (you can read about it HERE, HERE, and HERE).  But I felt the same way when we built our current house, so maybe that’s natural??  It’s just so hard to know if you’re making the right decision…like I’ve never lived in that neighborhood, am I going to like it?  Will Lance be happy?  SHOULD WE BUILD A POOL??  It’s such a huge investment with so many unknowns.

I also recognize that running a blog, contemplating opening another store, and building a house are GOOD ‘problems’ to have.  So above all, I’m thankful for this life I live!

On a lighter note, I got acrylic nails yesterday.  Hello 1998!  Haha.  Literally that’s the last time I had acrylic nails.  But I hate gel nails because of how it turns up on the edges and gets caught in my hair, and I hate getting it taken off.  It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me.  But regular nail polish stays on for like…5 minutes (JK, like 5 days tops), so it’s a lot of work to keep my nails painted.  And I really like having them painted!  So I thought I would give acrylic a go, and really it’s cheaper than gel, just $20 to get filled in I think.  But then maybe it’s another $20 for polish??  I’m not sure, I’ll keep you posted.  And I didn’t get tips on them or anything, I just had them put acrylic over my natural nail.

So there is a peek inside my life and brain lately!  Later this week I am hoping to post a Q & A about the diet I have been doing, Stronger U (you can read about the diet HERE).  So if you have any questions, email me!  Megan@shopboem.com.

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