Swimwear Round-Up

I finally pulled the trigger and ordered some new swimwear!  I had been looking and looking and really not loving any bathing suits that I saw.  Until I got on Free People, and found a TON that I love!

I have pretty specific requirements for a bikini, and I’m not the easiest shape to fit.  I have bigger boobs and am pretty curvy on the bottom.  Despite that, I prefer a skimpier bikini and I don’t like anything that ties around my neck.  I am typically a medium across the board in all swimwear, so that’s what I ordered in everything listed below.

Here is what I ordered from Free People…click on any of the images to shop.


This one is from L Space, which is my go-to brand.  They use the best fabric that is SO comfortable and will last for years.  I love a white suit, and I love the ribbing on this one.



This one from Frankie’s Bikinis is also ribbed.  I love that trend!  I thought this blue was pretty, and I love the button details.  Now let’s see if those buttons can hold in all my curves, that will be the test LOL.  I own a suit from this brand and it’s great quality.



I love the bright red and this style looks super comfortable.  It comes in a bunch of other really pretty colors, too!  This suit is by TAVIK, and it will be my first time buying one of theirs.



I just bought the top on this one because I didn’t think the bottom was cheeky enough.  Although the reality is I need to have some less cheeky swimwear for certain situations!  I LOVE this one shoulder style, and I thought the little lace-up detail was really cute.  This one is by L*Space as well.



I REALLY hope this one works because I LOVE the crochet and tie detail.  I bought the blush color, but I like them all!  This suit is by Acacia, which I have never owned, but I have tried them on and the quality is great.



OK, the likelihood of this suit looking good on me is like .01%, but it’s just so cool that I had to give it go!  This one is by Lee + Lani, which I have never heard of.



I think this color is so pretty, and I love the lace-up detail.  This suit is also by TAVIK.  They make such cute suits!



I didn’t like the bottoms that matched this, so I just ordered the top.  I love the color and the wrap around detail.  This suit is by Minimale Animale, which makes super sexy swimsuits, so we’ll see if I get enough coverage with this one.

Shop my look:



And when I went to link up my look, I ended up ordering one more suit from L*Space!  I love the ribbing, and I want to give high-waisted bottoms a go!



Thanks for reading!  Now what’s your guess on how many of these suits I’ll end up keeping???  Worst case: one (or none I guess haha).  BEST case, I would guess three.  We’ll see!


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