Stronger U Food Diary: Week 1

I can’t even tell you how many diets my mom has tried over the years, but I feel like every month or so for my entire life it was always something new.  You know how you always say you won’t turn out like your mom and then you do?  Well, this was one of those things.  I wasn’t going to always try new diets.  And then….I became adult, and (in this aspect) I became my mother.

Guess what?  I’m trying a new diet.

The vegan thing in January wasn’t really a ‘diet,’ it was more like an experiment.  We wanted to see if Lance’s blood pressure would go down and hey, if we lost weight in the process that would be great, too.  I wrote several posts (HERE, HERE, and HERE) documenting that whole journey, and I wrote a post with my final thoughts on vegan (HERE).  To sum it up, I personally felt as though I didn’t eat as healthy when I was vegan, and when it comes to nutrition I think whole foods are the answer.

The reality is, if I don’t keep my diet in check things go south quickly, and I did some damage celebrating my birthday month.  I’m finding that it gets harder and harder to stay in shape with age.  Sure, I know that I need to concentrate on whole foods, cut back on the dairy, etc.  But as I get older, I have NO clue how much I should be eating.  So that’s what brought me to Stronger U.

Stronger U is a personalized nutrition coaching service that focuses on macros.  I have done The Zone diet (years ago) and toyed around with RP (because Lance was doing it), which are both macro diets, so I’m familiar with the process, and I know it works.  What I haven’t ever done is have a coach help me through it.  I felt like it was time to step it up (with bikini season quickly approaching), and I knew if I had to report to someone each week it would hold me accountable.

Here is how Stronger U works.  You sign up for a plan and fill out a questionnaire.  They want to know what you do to work out, your overall activity level, what you do for work (like if you’re sitting all day), your age, current weight, etc.  Stronger U assigns you a coach who is available by email, phone, and text.  Your coach sends you your plan, which is a macro goal to hit each day (a certain number in grams of carbohydrate, protein, and fat).  You use the app My Fitness Pal, weigh and measure everything you eat, and hit the goal they have given you.  You also track your daily weight, your workouts, hours of sleep, how you felt that day on a scale of 1-5, and measurements.  At the end of the week, you put all this data in a spreadsheet they provide and email it to your coach.  They will adjust your macros for the next week based on your progress of the past week.

I’m one week in and here are my thoughts so far:

I haven’t been hungry.
I’m actually eating MORE food than I would normally eat and loving every minute of it.  And I’m losing weight!

It is easy.  And it isn’t.  
You can eat whatever you want, which I love.  I can still have my dark chocolate peanut butter cup at the end of the day.  Sunday night I ate a bowl of air-popped popcorn (and my weight was still down the next morning).  So I love being able to eat whatever I want as long as it fits in my macros.  But it’s a LOT of planning and prep.  I am cooking so much food, so the shopping, cooking, and cleaning is a ton of work.

I love that I can eat out.  And have a little wine.  
As long as you plan your day ahead of time, you can literally eat whatever you want, whenever you want.  So if I know I’m going out to dinner, I estimate what I’m going to be eating and plan the rest of my day around that.  They say that wine hinders your progress, but the reality is I’m doing this for 12 weeks (which is a long time to go without wine), and I plan to have wine occasionally in my life, so it’s nice that I can learn how to fit it in.  I’m not there yet, but my coach said down the road we can plan a ‘cheat meal,’ which is also awesome!

Let me show you my weekly food diary.  As you can tell, I love my snacks (and I eat the same thing over and over again)!

I didn’t give you measurements, but I’m having two turkey sausages for breakfast (they are Applegate brand) and 3-4 ounces of meat at a meal.  It’s a lot of food, right?  And I’ve been losing weight so it’s definitely working.  The thing with having a coach and someone tracking your progress…as I lose weight, my macros will decrease.  For now I’m enjoying all the food!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!  If you have any specific questions, you can email me at  Thanks for reading!

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