House Update

Happy Monday friends!  People keep asking for a house update, and the reason there hasn’t been one is because nothing has really happened.  We were working with the architect, and once we had the plan pretty much done (meaning no walls were going to move, but small changes to doors and windows could still be made), the architect started working with the engineer (who ensures everything is structural sound with the house).  That took FOREVER, but the plans have finally been stamped by the engineer and they are now with the city getting permits (which I am sure is not a super fast process either).  The thing with building, you can’t do a dang thing until you have a permit, and you can’t get a permit until you have a stamped plan.  So we’ve been in kind of a limbo state for a while!  I’ve also been SO busy (I was gone 14 of 28 days in February between work and fun travel), that I honestly haven’t even followed up with my builder or architect to get any kind of timeline.  Sigh.  Such is life sometimes.  I shared before pictures of the house HERE, including the original floorplan.  Today I’m going to show you the house plans!

The above picture is the front elevation.  The exterior is something I REALLY struggled with on our current house because it’s so hard to tell what it will look like from a flat drawing.  I have never loved the exterior of our house now, but I know where I went wrong!  Number one: I don’t want a walk up attic, it makes the house too tall aesthetically for my liking.  Number two: I like a hip roof over a gable roof (you can see different roof styles HERE).  Number three: I prefer a lower pitch, more modern looking roof.  Number four: I want a white exterior with a more muted, brownish roof and charcoal accents.  In the drawing, the skinny, horizontal stripes that you see indicate brick (the original house is brick, so we’re keeping that and adding some brick).  The wider, vertical stripes are board and batten.

Here is an example of a hip roof (and if you look at the BEFORE picture of our house, it has a hip roof, but it’s a higher pitch than I want):

And here is an example of board and batten siding (and that is a gable roof):


First floor:

Here is the first floor plan!  Let me walk you through it a bit. The front door and fireplace are staying where they are in the current house, and we are gutting everything else.  You see the dark walls?  That’s the existing structure, so on the first floor we are just adding the garage, laundry, guest room (Lance’s office), and master bath.  The driveway is on the right side of the lot, so we’ll keep the existing driveway and you’ll turn in front of the house to pull into the garage.  The dotted lines you see between the living and dining room are beams in the ceiling.  The dotted lines in the kitchen are skylights.  It’s going to be really cool; we have a slanted ceiling in there, and that’s where the skylights will be.  Can I call them ceiling windows??  Skylights sounds so 90’s, doesn’t it?  The back wall of the dining room is a HUGE sliding glass door that will open all the way and disappear into the wall.  This was a non-negotiable for Lance; we have it our current house and LOVE it (does anyone want to buy my current house, BTW?).  Our screen porch is HUGE and will have vaulted ceilings.  The plan is to put three sofas out there in a U shape (there is a TV on the wall) as well as a big rectangle dining table.  Other things I’m loving: cathedral ceiling in the master bedroom (and a downstairs master!), my HUGE walk-in closet (and that Lance has a separate walk-in closet), my sit down vanity in the master bath, and A BATHTUB IN THE MASTER!  We don’t have that in our current house and it’s one my biggest regrets.  Some other fun extras: heated floors in the bathroom + a steam shower; we have both now and we want them again.  If you have never been in a steam shower, call me, you can come try ours.  It is worth every single penny.

Here is what the ‘ceiling windows’ will look like in the kitchen.  We are also doing a mix of natural wood open shelving + cabinets, as seen in this picture.  I am still on the fence about the cabinet color (I may match the natural wood of the open shelving or do some white and some natural wood).  I’m also on the fence about the type of cabinet I want: flat front or shaker?  I think I’m leaning toward shaker in the kitchen (which is a little more traditional) and saving the flat front for the bathrooms.

How great are these barstools??  I want them!  Shop them here:

Slope Leather Bar Stools

I have posted about shaker vs. flat cabinets before and a lot of people didn’t know what that meant.  Having been through this before, I know a lot of the terms, and I forget that a lot of people don’t!  This pic is a great example, it has FLAT cabinets on the top (see they are totally flat) and the bottom is SHAKER (which has a recessed panel in the middle).  There are also flat panels on the bottom (the drawers), so mixing the two styles is an option, too.

I’m not sure what you call this type of cabinet face (with the lines through it), but I really like it.  Do you?  So.  Many.  Decisions.

Both of these images are from @sarahshermansamuel…her style is absolute perfection.  You HAVE to go look at her office tour…it’s what dreams are made of (HERE).

I love this master bath.  I’m really looking forward to my stand alone tub!  I also love this big Moroccan rug in the bathroom.

Second floor:

The second floor is smaller than the first floor.  We didn’t need the space + I wanted vaulted ceilings downstairs.  We have a second laundry room upstairs because apparently that’s a big selling point these days.  Lance has a nice, big bonus room.  He’s been pretty uninvolved in the planning, but the one meeting he came to, he had our architect move the windows in there so he could put a 100 inch TV on one wall and a 60 inch TV on the other, LOL.  It’s been his one request the whole time.  My office will be upstairs and is super cool because it has corner windows.  We will leave one bedroom as our guest bedroom, and the other bedroom I am going to make into a workout room, which I am SO excited about!  When it’s all said and done, we’re ending with 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and about 3400 square feet.

I think it’s going to be pretty sweet, don’t you??  I’m excited to get started on the design, and also mildly terrified because of how many decisions I will have to make, and how little time I have.  But it’s going to be great!  Thanks for following along!

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