Atlanta Market Trip

Happy Friday!!  I just got back from another whirlwind market trip to Atlanta.  I was buying summer deliveries, but some of the lines were showing fall already!  Crazy, right??  I thought it would be fun to round up some of what I chose from market.  Sorry in advance…I didn’t take these pictures intending to put them on the blog, but I just thought it’s something you will be interested in seeing!  The lighting is horrible at these shows and the samples never look as good as the finished product will, so the pictures are always so bad.  It does give a realistic peek into what it’s like to actually buy, though…I feel like people see New York Fashion Week and runway shows and expect that it’s as glamorous as that…and it’s definitely not!  Here is what I’m loving for summer and going into fall!  All of this is coming as soon as now all the way out to October.  It will go on our website, and you can always see all our new arrivals HERE!  If you want to be notified when something comes in, you can always text the store at 705-575-2509 and we’ll put you on a list!

Sneakers from Vintage Havana, $90-$125.

How cute are these sneakers?!  They look SO similar to the Golden Goose that will run you $500+.  All of these should be in-store by March.

Chaser cover up, $95.

I’m kind of guessing these prices from my memory because I don’t have the orders in front of me right now.  Actually, as I’m writing this, it made me realize that I didn’t get order copies from Chaser, so I’m following up with her now!  Anyway, this cover up is AMAZING, right?!  I’m totally obsessed.  Take me to the beach now, please and thank you!

Chaser hats, retail $36-$42.

Again, I am guessing on the price from memory here, but I thought these trucker hats would be so cute in the summer for the beach!

Another trend I am seeing is rainbow stripes.  I personally love it, what do you think??  The top picture is the brand Knot Sisters and the bottom image is from Show Me Your Mumu.

THML is one of our best selling lines at Boem.  It is all under $100 and great for a more mature customer who wants to look stylish but not too young.  Most of the styles are bra-friendly, which our customers love!  They always crush it for spring with lots of stripes, bright embroidery, and pom pom trim.  You can see what we have from THML in-store now HERE.  The above styles should be coming soon!

Wooden Ships sweaters, retail around $150.

I could not pass these sweaters up.  They will be in-store by early March.  I wear sweaters ALL the time because I’m cold natured, so I hope other people do, too!  I love tucking a sweater into cut offs and these will be adorable with white jeans as well.  They are all lightweight, so they will be perfect for early spring or cool summer nights!

Wooden Ships fall sweaters, around $150 retail.

I mean…are you as obsessed as I am?!  These are just TOO GOOD.  They will be in-store early October!

Rails fall.

As you can see, more stars and more lightening bolts.  And always lots of plaid from Rails!  I’m loving the rainbow stripes going into fall, too.  And camo seems to be sticking around forever and I’m not mad about it!

So that’s a little peek into what my last few days have looked like!  Literally I go to the market from 9-5 and ALL DAY get shown piece of clothing after piece of clothing, and I have to narrow it down!  Next time I go, I’ll be sure to show you what the full line looks like vs. what I narrow it down to.  What do you think about summer and fall so far?  I’m loving it!  Have a great weekend babes and thanks for reading!

  1. karen

    February 9, 2018 at 4:05 pm

    Fabulous blog…fun and informative. Love the looks of 2018. Come on warm weather!
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    Purchase with a purpose with Simbi results in 15 sustainable jobs employing 250 people and counting plus a gallon of fresh water daily.
    I am in the Charlotte area this week, Monday -Saturday and it would be my pleasure to stop by and share Simbi with you. I know you will enjoy the opportunity to slip a Simbi on your wrist!
    Happy Friday
    Karen West Cage
    Simbi Sales Rep

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