A Weekend in Naples

Happy Monday!  Worst Monday of the year, am I right??  The Monday after the Superbowl is always so hard.  And let me tell you…I went from 30 days of vegan to EATING EVERYTHING for the past few days, so needless to say I feel pretty terrible.  Oh, and one night at dinner my girlfriend and I EACH had a bottle of rosé, so that happened.  It’s been fun, but it’s ending tomorrow!  I’m going back off cheese (for the most part), cutting back on wine again, and if you read my last vegan post (HERE), I’m cutting back on carbs and concentrating on whole foods.  I’ve GREATLY enjoyed my break, but I am looking forward to eating clean again!

I spent this past weekend in Naples, FL visiting some friends who just moved there.  Let me tell you, I’m one of those people that if you invite me out somewhere here in Charlotte, I’m most likely not coming.  Haha, sad but true.  But if you invite me out of town…almost 100% of the time I’m coming!  Especially Florida in February.  It was such a nice break from the cold.  Here is what I wore and some of what we ate!

Al fresco dining.

Free People Sweater // Ray Ban Sunnies // Five & Two Necklace // Chloe Purse


Flatbread + Salad + Sauvignon Blanc

Dining on the water at Fish Restaurant.  I’m pretty sure all of our meals were eaten outside!

Roasted oysters + grilled artichoke salad + Rosé

Wine by the pool.

Free People Top // Five & Two Necklace // Free People Bralette // Agolde Shorts


This cheese plate made me SO happy!  I have missed cheese so much!

We went to CrossFit on Saturday morning and I wore this.  I haven’t been doing CrossFit, but luckily I survived!

Alo Bra // Free People Tank // Alo Moto Leggings // Nike Trainers


Yummy cocktails at The Bevy in downtown Naples.

And now it’s back to sweaters and 40 degree weather, but it was fun while it lasted!  Thanks for reading!

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