Minted Art

I remember years ago after I had been living on my own for a while, I splurged on two original oil paintings.  They were gorgeous.  Fast forward 5 years…I wanted to change my decor, the colors didn’t go, and I was just kind of over them.  I ended up giving them to my mom and they look great in her dining room, and I was happy I was able to give her something so nice (considering all she has done for me over the years).  This taught me a valuable lesson: original (AKA expensive) art just isn’t for me.  Now, I get that people love it, and I used to want my whole house full of original art.  But what I learned about myself is…I get tired of things.  I like changing things up.  And when you make an investment like that, it makes it hard to do.

When we moved into our current house, I turned to Minted for most of my art needs.  Here is what I love about Minted.

1. They have sizes from 7×5 to 54×40.
2. The designs are on point and always changing.
3. They come framed and have great frame options.
4. They use plexi glass so it’s unbreakable (but looks great).

All of the Minted pieces are by artists, and you can actually request to have your piece signed by the artist.  You can also contact the artist to commission a piece!  So while the pieces aren’t original, they only sell 350 of each in each size, so they are limited!

I’m going to show you some Minted pieces I have in my house and then share some of my current favorites.  Clink on any of the Minted images to shop!

Master Bedroom

Mediterranean Greece Art Print
Whitewashed Herringbone Frame

I needed a large piece for our master and this was the perfect size.  Our master is all grey and cream, so I wanted something serene and in muted tones.  I originally bought another beach print, but it had too much blue in it and the white frame was just too white.  This print is PERFECT and makes me so happy when I look at it!

I have three Minted prints in my stairwell!

Abstract Muted 3
White Standard Frame

California Dreams
White Standard Frame

Heart Snapshot Mix
Black Standard Frame

I am OBSESSED with these Snapshot mix prints.  I have two myself and have also given it as a gift (when my friend’s dog passed I made one for her with pics of her and her dog!).  We don’t have a lot of pictures around the house, so it’s nice to take our favs from the past couple years and put them all together.  It’s something Lance and I both love looking at everyday.  It would make a great Valentine’s Day gift, too!

If you’re not into the heart, it also comes round.  They have tons of different options and sizes for photo collages!


Guest Bedroom

Summer Cactus
Whitewashed Herringbone Frame

I love the subtle pink and muted colors in this cactus print.  This is one size smaller than the size we have in our master bedroom and it’s still a great size to fill a large, empty wall.


Standard White Frame

Clearly I love a gallery wall; I have three in my house!  It’s a great way to fill a large space and it usually ends up being a little bit cheaper than a large piece of art.

Now for some of my current favs at Minted…there are SO many good ones, it’s hard to choose!  I tend to like photography of nature (especially the beach) or animals in muted tones.  Click on any of the images to shop.  All of the prints come in a HUGE range of sizes with lots of frame options, too.














Random Nature:


Honestly, there are SO MANY good ones that I could go on all day.  I hope you like my picks.  Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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