Scenes From My iPhone

Happy Wednesday!  I haven’t rounded up scenes from my iPhone lately, so here we go!  Click on any of the images to shop.

First of all, the picture above is a new rug I just bought for Boem at Target.  It is SO much prettier in person.  I love it for the store because it has a lot of pattern, so I’m hoping it won’t show much dirt!

Target has a bunch of cute rugs right now; here are some of my favs!


My new hobby is doing puzzles.  I wanted a Christmas puzzle, so we started with that over the Holidays, and I loved it so much that we’re now on our third!  The 1000 piece puzzles by Charles Wycoski are my favorite…they aren’t too hard and the pieces fit together really nicely (I am such a nerd).  Here are a few I’m considering for our next puzzle:


You may have seen I got extensions for Christmas.  I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!  Aren’t they gorgeous??  They are clip-ins so I can take them in and out.  I may still cut them a little bit shorter, but I wanted to wear them long for a while and see how I feel about them first.  This picture is after my hairdresser cut several inches off the extensions!  HERE are the exact extensions I have.  They have lots of other colors available.

I have been living in these pajamas since Christmas.  They are super comfortable and so cute!  My slippers are new from Christmas, too, and I love them.


Nothing like some new workout gear to get me motivated in the new year!  I am LOVING all things Alo right now.  I’m usually an XS in Alo pants, but I’m wearing a S in both of these pieces.


I love this sweatshirt, too!


I wore this to workout this past weekend, and I’m obsessed with it!  These silver metallic leggings from Alo are awesome.  I’m also wearing a S in these, they definitely run small.


This paisley jumpsuit is adorable and SUPER comfortable.  And it’s under $100!  I’m wearing a S. (This picture is also a reminder that I need a tan LOL.)


This is what my entire Sunday looked like this past weekend and I’m not mad about it!  I pretty much haven’t taken these joggers off since I got them!


I wear this sweater ALL the time.  This color is on sale + it comes in navy this season.  I also love these ‘mom’ jeans.  They are super high waist, kind of baggy, and the denim is thin so they’re comfortable.


Have you heard of All Birds?  They are the MOST comfortable all wool shoes.  I wear mine without socks and they feel like bedroom slippers.  I don’t wear them to workout, but I love wearing them around the house or to walk the dogs.  I gave Lance a pair for Christmas because he loved mine so much.


I finally tried out Baby Foot.  Y’all.  BUY THIS NOW!  And then keep socks on for a couple weeks LOL.  You put the plastic booties on for an hour and then a week later, all the dead skin peels off of your feet.  I have pretty dry, cracky feet, so this was awesome for me!  I’m definitely going to do it a couple times a year.


I love these sauces and had a few in my pantry, but was disappointed when I saw they weren’t vegan.  Then I found this one that IS vegan, so I seared some tempeh, added the sauce, and we made tacos.  They were really good!


My favorite lunch lately has been some version of a mezze platter.  This one has bean salad, cauliflower tabouli, eggplant spread, and spicy hummus (all from Trader Joe’s) and some tempeh and salad.  YUM!

A few weeks ago, I went out to eat at Fern, Flavors From The Garden.  I CANNOT even explain how good their food is, even if you aren’t vegan.  That’s a tempeh reuben and potato leek soup.

So that sums up my 2018 so far!  Thanks for reading!

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