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Image via Amber Interiors

Happy Friday!  Any fun plans this weekend??  We have a show (School of Rock) Friday night and then Saturday we are seeing some friends who are moving to Florida.  SAD DAY!  But excited I now have a reason to go to Florida LOL!  We’re going to try out a vegan restaurant, too.  I’ll be sure to add the restaurants we try to a list on one of my vegan posts!

Everyone seems to be overwhelmingly interested in all things NEW HOUSE, which I makes me SO excited because it’s about to consume a lot of my life!  I’m really pumped to share the whole process with you.  Our plans are ALMOST finalized, so once they are, I will show you!  In the meantime, I thought it might be fun to show you what images and trends are inspiring me.

The vibe of our new house is California Modern.  We have low pitch hip roofs, no crown molding at all, and very simple, thin door and window casings.  The color scheme is going to be white and warm wood…and I’m going warmer with all my decorating choices, too.  I’m going to just focus on the kitchen and bathrooms in this post.

Let’s start with the kitchen, which I think is one of the hardest spots!  First of all, everyone sees it (as compared to your master bath) and it’s somewhere I’ll spend a ton of time.

A few things I know for sure:

White quartz countertops that have a marble look
Dark bronze/iron faucet and knobs
Open, natural wood shelves in part of the kitchen (more polished than rustic)
Backsplash the same as the countertop

And here is what I’m still thinking on….

We will also have some cabinets…do I want light or dark cabinets?

I’m kind of leaning towards: natural wood shelves, white cabinets, and then my island painted a darker color.

The nice thing about the island…if I don’t end up liking it dark, I can just paint it, right??

They say a new trend this year is flat front cabinets:

Cool?  Or should I go more traditional shaker-style:

I’m honestly leaning toward the flat-front…what do you think??  But I want knobs…is that a thing??  Y’all, there are so many little details to figure out!

I do know that our kitchen ceiling is going to be angled and have skylights, I am SO excited about that.

So I feel like I have a great start on the kitchen.  Let’s talk about the bathrooms…which actually, I have already changed my mind, BATHROOMS are the hardest!  There are even more little details in the bathroom design and a lot more options!

For the master bath, I want something a little more traditional and sophisticated.  I want to do a large, shiny, marble-like tile laid in a herringbone pattern for the master bath floor:

(As seen here, although I don’t like any other aspects of this pic!)

I’m going to have a stand-alone tub in my master…YAY!  I love taking baths, so I’m super excited about this.

I want to do a big, old, Turkish rug in the bathroom, too.

Lance never has many opinions, but for whatever reason he said he didn’t want gold hardware in the kitchen.  That’s cool…I’m into the black anyway, so I might sneak some gold into a bathroom.  Not sure which one yet.  I love mixing metals, so if I do put gold somewhere, I don’t feel the need to match everything else in the room.

I’m really struggling with cabinets for all the bathrooms.  Do I want white?  Painted??  Natural wood???  I do know I want to get away from traditional shaker in the bathrooms.  I’m thinking I’m going to stick to white in the master to give it that super clean look.  I think…I don’t know!  I love a soft natural wood cabinet, too.

I am thinking I will stick to white in the master and save the natural wood for a secondary bath (I have three more full baths to do.  Just typing that gave me anxiety!).

I absolutely LOVE everything about this picture.  I love the sink on top of the counter (not sure what people call that), I love the round mirror, the dark faucet mixed with gold, and I love, LOVE the sconces.

This image has more of those same elements.  That looks like a converted piece of furniture, doesn’t it?  And I love the hanging light fixtures.

I am toying with the idea of printed tile in one of the baths.  I LOVE the look, but I feel like it’s something I might get tired of quickly.

I love that grey tile, but the pattern is so bold.  If I do use a patterned tile, I think I’ll use this one:

All images via Pinterest (follow me!)

As you can see, there are a lot of ‘I thinks’ in this post!  It’s so hard to commit to something and there are so many options.  I do love that about my builder…they help you make decisions early and kind of press you to commit and then BAM they order it and that’s that!  It truly does help to have someone nudging you along, though.

What do you think?!  You like?  Any ideas/thoughts/opinions?  Thanks for reading!


  1. Allison Watford

    January 13, 2018 at 11:39 am

    Love all your inspiration! We are redoing a house right now as well and also going with the white/warm wood look as well! Can’t wait to see your house come together!


      January 13, 2018 at 5:30 pm

      Ohhh, so exciting! I can’t wait to see pics of yours! Hope you’re doing well! xo

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