New Year, New Want List

Happy Wednesday!  This is probably the first full week back to the grind for most people…how’s it going??  I’m on the opposite schedule as I worked all through the holidays and since the new year I have been CHILLING.  Well, not really chilling because I don’t ever chill, but I haven’t been going to the store and have been getting my life in order!  That includes some fun things like trips to Ikea and 8 trips to Target and some not fun things like reviewing my year-end P&L for Boem line by line.

Is anyone else obsessing over all the cute clothes coming out right now?!  It’s making me want a vacation STAT.  Lance and I have ZERO vacations on the calendar and it’s stressing me out…ha ha.  We always pull it together, but I love having something specific to look forward to.  Our tenative plan this year is: Mexico, Peru, Nashville, Asheville (every year), and hopefully Thailand in the fall.  We will see!  Anyway, I’ve been loving so much online lately (and have ordered a few things), so I wanted to share them with you!

First, what I have ordered this month!  Click on any of the pictures to shop.

I pretty much always hate deodorant and wanted something new.  The Donna Karen I read about on another blog and it’s an anti-perspirant and deodorant and smells great.  It’s a powder smell, but more complex.  If you have never smelled Kai, it’s such a great scent.  It’s an exotic floral, but not too sweet or overpowering.  This is just deodorant (not anti-perspirant), so we’ll see if I like it…I’m definitely a sweater.  It is aluminum-free, so I like having an option that is safer for my body!

Let’s talk about this set for a second.  First of all, it’s an incredible deal.  A smaller size perfume is $78 and the lotion is $40, and with the sale you can get a larger perfume (but smaller lotion) for just $65!  I’m very scent-sensitive; most perfumes are too overpowering and make me sneeze.  The only brand I have found that I can wear is Jo Malone.  Until this!  The scent is sand jasmine, sea spray, and mandarin…I know it’s called ‘Beach,’ but it’s not overly beachy-smelling, sweet, or even summery.  It will make a great everyday scent!

I took the plunge and treated myself to THE belt!  I had been waiting and waiting for my size to come back in stock, but I finally talked to someone at the Gucci store in Charleston and he convinced me to stop waiting and just order a bigger size and have it cut down.  So that’s what I’m going to do!  He said the guy near them that works on the belts cuts down probably 10 a week.  If you cut it down behind the buckle, you can’t tell at all.  I’m so excited!!

I give all my employees year-end bonuses, so I always like to treat myself to a little something at the end of the year, too!  I have been obsessing over all things Gucci…so in addition to the belt, I have been considering the slides or a new wallet.  I have gotten mixed reviews on the slides, what do you think??

I actually gave these to all the girls at the store as part of their Christmas gift and everyone was obsessed with them, including me!  So much so that we all ordered more colors.  They are SO comfortable in your hair and the little bow detail is so cute.  Scrunchies for life!

If you don’t love the bow, this is a great set of colors for a good price!  I love a velvet scrunchie.

I love a good fitting tee to tuck into all things high-waisted, so I just ordered this cute henley.

Another thing I have been wearing a ton of is joggers.  Nothing like looking cute but feeling like you’re in your PJs!  I ordered the first pair (but in pink), but it’s almost sold out!  I love this other pink pair, too.

Now for some things I’m loving…

Y’all, for real, Free People.  ALWAYS crushing it, it blows my mind!  Here is what is in my cart!

I have this in black and LOVE it, and I have been waiting for it to come in nude.  I’m ordering this today!  It will be perfect for the summer.

I’m also ordering this.  I feel like this will be THE tee I will go to in the summer.  I love the shorter length and little knot detail in the front!  It will be perfect with shorts and skirts, and it will show off my new Gucci belt!

Have you ever noticed that Free People sells sets for a great price??  This set is $128, making it $64 for each piece.  Considering you can mix and match them, I think that’s such a great deal!  I love this set worn together, and I think it’s especially chic in black.

I’m ordering this today, too.  I get more wear out of my long sleeve crop sweaters than anything in my closet.  They are great with joggers, skirts, jeans, and my favorite thing is to layer them over dresses, which is perfect in the spring!  I love the sleeves on this and the white is so fresh!

OMG yes, yes, yes, just YES.  This dress is perfect.  Let me tell you…I have a couple midi dresses that have a sleeve and they are SO versatile.  Sometimes you need a little more coverage, and this dress would be perfect.  I also love that you can go eat pizza in this and no one would know…ha ha!  If you don’t love the yellow (which I find most people do not), it comes in black and some other great colors, too!

I have this jumper in black, but I love the denim for spring.  Just add a stripe tee!

Speaking of layering tees, this one is also in my cart.  It’s the perfect little tee to go under my dresses this spring!

I was really trying NOT to order these, but I’m just going to have to.  I wear pants like this too much!  I think this fit is so cute, and I love the super high waist that you can roll down.  BTW, pants are a HUGE trend for spring and I’m so excited!

  1. Olivia

    January 11, 2018 at 2:35 am

    I might need those Harem pants too!! So cute!


      January 13, 2018 at 5:31 pm

      I ordered, I’ll let you know how they are! Give me all the comfy pants haha!

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