Under My Tree

Happy Friday!  Who even knows what day it is??  But yay for the weekend!  Even though I have been working all week, I have basically treated every night like it was the weekend!  That’s what the Holidays are for, am I right??  January is going to hit hard, let me tell you.  We always tighten everything up, AKA we start working out more regularly (I’ve been getting in about 3 workouts a week in December, but I like to do 5-7), we clean up our diets, we cut back on alcohol, and we basically hate life.  JK!  It’s not so bad.  Actually, it’s awful the first two weeks and then after that we both feel the best we’ve ever felt and wonder why we would ever eat queso again.  And then we taste a bite of queso and BAM!  We eat the whole queso.  And that’s pretty much the cycle of my life summed up LOL!

I thought it might be fun for you to see what was under my tree this year!  Click on any of the pictures to shop!

First and foremost, the gift of all gifts…Chloe Susanna Boots.  I have wanted these exact boots for three years, so I would say that makes them worth the splurge (worth the splurge for Lance LOL).  I know that I am going to wear these for years and all year round, too!

Lance actually went all out and got me TWO pairs of incredible shoes this year!  I just fell in love with these and they are so different than anything else I have!

My brother gave us the Google Home Mini and I’m obsessed already.  It’s so fun!  Hey Google, set a timer.  Hey Google, what’s the temperature outside?  Hey Google, can a Pyrex bowl go in the oven?  Hey Google, tell me a joke.  Hey Google, what’s the news today.  I feel like I’m a Jetson!  And at just $29, it’s definitely worth it.

I desperately needed new slippers and my parents gave me these.  I LOVE them.  They have more cushion than my last pair and I love the blush color.

I wanted an electric toothbrush and shopped around a bit.  They range in price SO much.  I decided that since I had never used one, maybe I better start with a cheap one.  I have used it a few times and honestly don’t know how I went so long without having one!  It takes the work out of brushing and my teeth feel so clean.  This one pauses every 30 seconds so you can switch sides and then know when you have brushed for 2 minutes.  I like the small round brush head.

This was technically a thanks-for-watching-my-dog gift, but I got it on Christmas.  I seriously have been washing my hands for no reason just so I can have this scent on me!

All of my employees went in and bought me this eye cream…I would say that’s a pretty amazing gift!  I am LOVING it.  Stay tuned for me looking years younger.

Lance and I are going vegan in January.  Yes, I know.  I can’t believe it either and I’m going to be VERY interested to see how it goes.  I was vegetarian for years, and I can take or leave meat, but Lance has probably never gone a day in his life without meat.  My parents gave us this cookbook, so I’m excited to pick out some recipes!


This was a self-gift and I also gave my mom a set.  We are both obsessed!  They are SUPER soft and cut really generous, as pajamas should be!  I pretty much haven’t taken them off.


Speaking of self-gifts, I gave myself a few!  I ordered this jumpsuit just because I loved it, but it came right before Christmas, so it was the perfect thing to wear on Christmas day.  It is as comfortable as pajamas…and kind of looks like them, too (my dad asked me if I was wearing pajamas haha).  Lance gave me the Golden Goose before we went to my parents, so I got to wear a red jumpsuit and green sequin shoes on Christmas, which made me SO happy!

OK, back to this self-gift thing.  I replaced my entire workout wardrobe as a gift to myself!  Once I owned a pair of Alo high waist leggings, all bets were off.  That’s all I want now!  So I took almost all of my workout clothes to the consignment store and ordered myself ALL NEW!  Just in time for get-fit-go-vegan-January!  Here is what I bought (everything is shown in the color I got):



Both of these bras are SUPER cute.  I’m not a runner (I do yoga, spin, and weights), so not sure these would work for that, but they are great for what I do!



This is literally my favorite bra.  It is super comfortable and supportive, and I love to wear it alone with high-waist leggings.



I got both of these tanks in several colors.  I love the shorter length!  With high-waist leggings on, they pretty much meet or just show a little skin.



A few more tops I got.  The tank requires a bra underneath, but that’s OK.  And I am crazy over this cropped sweatshirt…you might as well look cute when you’re going to the gym, right??



I got both of these leggings.  They are my ‘motivation leggings’ so I don’t have fat popping out of them!



And I got both of these leggings with the mesh detail…aren’t they cute?



I am typically a black workout wear only girl (black doesn’t show sweat or cellulite), but I tried to branch out a little!  I’m not sure how I feel about metallic on my butt, but we’ll see!  I love this Hunter color in the moto legging.

So that’s what was under my tree!  I have the best family/friends/boyfriend, don’t I?!

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