Hostess Gift Guide

I feel like one of the hardest gifts to give is the neighbor/teacher/babysitter/party host/co-worker, etc. who you don’t want to spend a ton on, but you want to acknowledge with a gift.  I’ve compiled a list in multiple price ranges that I feel fit this category perfectly.  Most of them involve food…haha!

Mason Jar + Snack Mix

OK, so one of the things that I notice about the holidays…I get TONS of sweet treats from people and barely anything salty.  And I love, love sweets, but I honestly get a little worn out on them during the holidays.  Last year, one of our customers brought a big container of snack mix to the store and it was the best gift ever!  It was so nice to have something to snack on and would also be great to have on hand at home to put out if guests stop by.  Buy a set of mason jars (which I think are cute and can used again), buy a huge container of snack mix (I love the Utz brand), portion out into mason jars, add a red bow, and voilà!  Easy, extremely inexpensive gifts to have on hand to give out as needed!

Aesop Hand Soap

Marius Fabre Liquid Soap

A nice hand soap is always a great gift to give.  It’s my go-to hostess gift.  These are my two favs, in two different price ranges.  The Marius Fabre soap…I originally bought in Paris and then came home and saw it for sale at Walmart…LOL!  I’m so sophisticated!!  But seriously, every time someone uses it, they comment on how good it smells…even guys!

Williams Sonoma Skinny Cocktail Mix

This was my go-to gift last year.  I bought a bunch of these mixers, some Lime La Croix (and liquor if you were really special!) and packaged them up as gifts in cute gift bags.  They are DELISH and such a treat…a super nice thing to have on hand during the holiday entertaining season!

Hearth & Hand Pitcher

Speaking of cocktails, I had a gift exchange party one year and asked everyone to bring food to share.  One of the guests brought a pitcher of some delicious cocktail that she had made, and it was such a hit!  I love the idea of making a yummy cocktail, taking it over in a cute pitcher, and leaving the pitcher as a gift.

Room Diffuser

I have a few different diffusers around my house and people always comment on how nice my house smells.  I feel like you can’t go wrong with a Christmas tree scent!

Cheese Knives $31 | Marble Tray $20

Another food related gift…I love cheese SO MUCH.  Anyone else??  These cheese knives are gorgeous…I love the copper and marble combo.  I have this marble tray, and I’m obsessed with it (someone actually gave it to me for Christmas last year).  Either of these would make a great gift along with some yummy cheese…or both of these together would be awesome!

Nest Votive

The Nest Holiday scents are so dreamy!  I love their packaging, too.  And who doesn’t love a candle?!

Gold + Marble Tiered Stand

Go pick up some mini cupcakes (Costco actually has great ones), put them on this tray, wrap it in cellophane, tie a bow on it, and you’ll have one happy friend.

Wine Picnic Bag

Keep of few of these handy for instant gifts.  Just pop in a bottle of your favorite wine and add a gift tag!  This bag is insulated and has a handle, so who wouldn’t love that to tote wine around?

Sugarfina Candy

I feel like this may not appeal to everyone, but every time I have gotten anything from Sugarfina, it has made me VERY happy.  It’s one of those things that you wouldn’t normally just pick up for yourself…and those are the best gifts!

Plant Stand

I have this plant stand and love it.  Last year, someone gave me a cute planter with a succulent in it and I thought it was the nicest gift.  It doesn’t break the bank either!  You can pick up a small plant at Home Depot or Lowe’s for under $5.

So that is my round-up for Hostess (co-worker, teacher, neighbor, babysitter) gifts!  What are some of your favorites to give (and get)??

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