We’re Building A House!

I am SO excited to announce that Lance and I are building another house!  We built a house a little over 3 years ago with Banister Homes.  Since then we have built two more houses with them as flips, and we love working with them.  I was anxious to do it again for us, and a great opportunity popped up so we jumped on it.  We actually first looked at the house the day we got home from Hawaii back in July, and we decided for sure to buy the house, but we weren’t sure if we were going to build for us or just flip it.  Lance honestly didn’t really want to move and is happy in our house, so it took a little convincing!  Now I think he’s excited (it’s hard not to be when you start the process).  I’m really excited to document this long road!

If you’ve ever built or renovated, you have to make thousands of decisions.  And for us when we built the first time, we doubled our square footage, so I also had to pick out a lot of furniture at the same time.  So fast forward to living with all of our decisions for 3 years, and there are some things I love and some things I would do differently.  Here is my list of new house wants (that we don’t have in our current home):

1. Master on main.  Our master bedroom is upstairs, and I really wanted a master on the first level, preferably that walks out to a screened-in porch.
2. Attached garage.  We have a great 2-car garage, but it’s at the back of our lot.  I love having a garage, but I have always wished it was attached.
3. A larger laundry room.  I thought it was a waste to put square footage in the laundry room, but since living with a tiny laundry room, now my thinking is the bigger, the better!
4. A tub in the master bath.  I’m not sure why we didn’t do this in our current house, but we didn’t, and I’m actually a person who loves to take baths.  So I’m looking forward to a big, floating soaking tub!
5. Different closet configuration.  You would think that I wouldn’t have messed up something like my closet, but I did!  It was one of the last decisions I made, and I had some serious decision-fatigue.  Our closet is great, but having lived with it, I now know that I need less hanging space and more drawer and shelf space for folded clothes, shoes, and bags.  I’m looking forward to designing the perfect closet!

There are also some cosmetic decisions that I want to do differently:

    1. Fireplace surround.  Lance has very few requests, but one of them is a wood-burning fireplace.  I love that, too, but that means that the fireplace is a true brick chimney.  In our house now, we left the exposed brick, but I REALLY wanted to do a concrete fireplace, so this time I’m going to!

Some fireplace inspo pics:

2. Quartz countertops.  In our kitchen we have a honed marble island and the countertops are honed absolute black granite.  Honed means they are not shiny.  I love the look, but both surfaces show everything!  I am constantly wiping the countertops down.  So this time, I want to go with a white quartz that will be less maintenance.  I also want to use the same countertop as my backsplash, if it isn’t too expensive (and usually what I want is expensive haha!).  Here are some inspo pics:

We are also planning on open shelving in the kitchen, which I’m excited about, but one thing I haven’t decided is cabinet color!  Help!  Dark or light?  White or grey??

3. Moldings.  We have traditional trim and crown molding in our house.  In the new house, I want a more modern look, so I’m going to do no crown molding at all, simple baseboards, and very thin door and window trim.

4. Exterior color.  This was one of the last decisions I made, and I have never loved our exterior color.  This time I want a white exterior with dark bronze accents.  And I am also going to paint all the walls and trim on the inside of the house the same white.  Here are some colors I am considering, specifically Chantilly Lace, White Dove, and Simply White:


Here are some exterior inspo pics:

All pics above are via Pinterest.  I have been pinning away, so you can head there to see all my inspo pics!

So of course with the new house, I want some new furniture!  Here are some things I am eyeing.

For the bedroom, I am loving these pieces:





I would love this bed for a guest bedroom:

Curved Rattan Bed

I also love this bed:

Upholstered Sleigh Bed

Some rugs that I’m loving:

Halette Rug

Houda Rug

(Really just give me this whole room please!)

Nested Diamond Rug

Fable Rug

Aubrun Rug

And some furniture I’m loving:

How cool is this piece for a coffee table?

Swirled Drum Coffee Table

I have always wanted a hanging chair, so I plan to find a space for one in the new house!

Woven Hanging Chair

Serena and Lily has a great hanging chair, too.  They have the single HERE, and I love this double!

Hanging Rattan Bench

And I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life, so I’m going to be ordering this!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

I went into World Market to look for this tree and they didn’t have it, but they had some other really cute stuff!

Wedding Blanket Rug

This would be awesome as a rug or draped over a bed or the back of a couch!  See all their other wedding blanket-inspired pieces HERE.

I also saw this super cool wall hanging:

Taupe Woven Wall Hanging

And I love this one, too!

Macrame Dreamcatcher

Well, I could literally go on ALL DAY…there are just SO many things to think about!  A couple other pieces I am looking for: a dining table and dining chairs.  I want a few cool, midcentury console tables/media cabinets.  A sectional sofa.  Outdoor furniture.  And then there are the details like all of the lighting for the house.  The cabinet pulls.  The doors.  Tile.  Cabinets.  THE LIST GOES ON!  But it is so fun.  Stay tuned for more updates, although we are about 3 months from breaking ground, so for now it will be all wish-lists!  If you have any info or resources that I need to know, please email me!


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