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I am seriously obsessed with podcasts.  Anyone else?!  If you have never listened to one, you need to!  I love the idea that I can educate and entertain myself in my down time.  When I’m driving, when I’m walking…that’s my favorite.  I love to put my headphones on, put a podcast on, and just walk for an hour.  They are great for long car rides or if you have a commute to and from work.  Or while you’re waiting in the carpool line!  Podcasts are free and if you have an iPhone, just find this icon to search and download podcasts:

Here are some of my favs.  I would love to hear if you have listened to any that you love!


Serial, Season 1

I know, this one is going back a bit, but it’s the first podcast I ever listened to (as I am sure it was for many of us) and it’s a great place to start.  It is one of my favorites to this day.  It’s a cold case of a man, Adnan Syed, who is still in prison for murdering is ex-girlfriend.  The first time my brother played it for me, I said, ‘wow this sounds so real.’  He’s like…’it is dummy.’  Ha ha.  I was a true crime podcast rookie!  There is a season 2 of Serial as well, but I have never listened to that one.



This is a Tony Robbins podcast.  It is not as entertaining as some of the other ones I have listened to, but it’s definitely educational.  It is about financing and investing…I know, kind of snooze-fest, but it’s a good listen.



This is my favorite podcast.  A man in a small Alabama town claims that the son of a wealthy family has been bragging about getting away with murder.  The podcast looks into this claim…and then the story takes a turn.  That’s all I can say, you’ll just have to listen!


Up and Vanished

This is another cold case crime podcast that is looking into the disappearance of a former beauty queen and teacher in Georgia that happened 12 years ago.  What’s so crazy about this podcast is that they actually arrest someone as the podcast is being taped, so it’s happening in real time.  There are definitely some filler episodes here, but it’s a great story overall.


Missing Richard Simmons

On February 15, 2014 Richard Simmons mysteriously disappeared from the public eye.  He stopped teaching the fitness classes at his studio, cut himself off from his closest friends, and removed himself completely from the public eye.  Lance thinks this podcast is hysterical because Richard Simmons isn’t missing, he’s in his house.LOL.  But this podcast delves deeper into the life of Richard Simmons, which is fascinating.  Even though Richard Simmons is just in his house, I loved learning more about the person he is and hearing theories on why he went completely dark all of a sudden.



This is what I am currently listening to.  In 1996, Richard Nicolas was charged with the murder of his two-year-old daughter.  But what if he didn’t do it?  That’s is the initial question of this podcast, but it evolves into the question of getting a fair trial and what that means.  It’s a little more procedural, but I have enjoyed it.  They are still releasing episodes now.

Some others that I have listened to sporadically:

I started this one and it just didn’t hold my attention.

Casefile True Crime
If I don’t have anything else to listen to, I’ll put this on.  Although there was one time I was walking alone and it got dark and I was listening to Casefile…that was scary haha.  Each episode is a different unsolved cold case, so it’s easy to pick up and listen to whenever, you don’t have to go in any order.

Do you have any must-listen to podcasts??  I will link the headphones I use, and the running belt I wear to carry my phone…both are AWESOME.  The headphones are Bluetooth and wireless and the running belt is super comfortable and can hold my iPhone 7+, which is hard to find.  Have a great weekend!

  1. Shannon

    September 10, 2017 at 11:53 am

    Such a great list, thanks for sharing! Will have to start some of these!

    1. megan@shopboem.com

      September 10, 2017 at 10:10 pm

      Thanks for reading! xo

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