Daily Make-up Routine

I thought it would be fun to share with you what my make-up routine looks like day in and day out! It changes slightly from time to time, but this is what I’m using right now.

Self-tanner | Applicator Mitt

If I am going out or doing a photoshoot, the first thing I do is slather self-tanner all over my face. I have used various self-tanners, but this is my favorite one. I was told it is oil-free, so it’s OK for the face.  I use it on my body, too.  Definitely use the mitt to apply it to your body.


I just got this lotion and so far I love it! I was always that girl that just used whatever lotion was laying around…I know, I know. So I’m excited to finally have a decent face lotion! Apparently it is good for ‘older’ skin because it adjusts with your hormones. I love shopping for ‘older’ skin, let me tell you. LOL.

Eye Cream

I love this eye cream. I have the worst bags under my eyes, and I think this helps at least a little!

Primer | Powder Sunscreen

My make-up has sunscreen in it, but if I want more coverage, I use this make-up primer and then I take this sunscreen with me for touch-ups. This powder sunscreen is AWESOME and if you don’t have it, you better go on and order you some. It gives a little coverage, which is great if you’re at the beach or pool with no make-up. I use the Tan color.

Eye Brightener

Like I said, my under eyes need all the help they can get! I swipe this on after my eye cream and before I put concealer on. I use Shade 1.


First I conceal ohhhh, like everything. My under eyes are the worst. I love this concealer because it has a wand which makes it super easy to apply. I also love that I can use it everywhere else I need a little more coverage, too. Plus it is a serum concealer so it’s good for your skin. I use the Medium color.


I think Bare Minerals powder foundation was the first make-up I ever used on my face! I switched to other things over the years, but I came back to this because it is so easy to apply. I love having a huge, soft brush and just swirling it all over my face. I also love that you can have very sheer coverage (which is great on the weekend when I’m not wearing much other make-up) or you can layer it for full coverage. I do get comments on how great my skin looks and it has to be this foundation (because it’s not my skin!). I use the Original foundation in Medium.


I pretty much can’t live without bronzer. And self-tanner. Being tan just makes everything better! I love this bronzer because there are two colors in one. I use the darker bronzer under my cheekbones to contour and then I use the lighter side to highlight my face (temples, nose, chin).


I love a pretty, natural flushed cheek. I’m sure it’s different for everyone, but this is the perfect pink so that I look naturally flushed. I use this on the apples of my cheeks. The color is Joy.

Brow Pencil

Let’s talk about eyebrows for a second. I’m going to do a whole post on them because I think they are THAT important, but basically THEY ARE SUPER IMPORTANT! I remember looking at a picture of myself from a few years ago and thinking I looked funny, and I finally realized it’s because I had NO eyebrows. I naturally have VERY light brows, so I get some help with that (coming in another post). But I definitely fill my brows every day. I fill my brows to run up to the grocery store. If I was stranded on a desert island, I would take my brow pencil…that’s how important this is! LOL. And unless you have been living under a rock, I’m sure you have noticed that BROWS ARE BACK in a big way. I am currently using the Bobby Brown brow pencil (in Saddle) and it is great. I love that it has a brush on the other end. YES, it’s expensive. But it lasts forever.


I use this palette to do everything from eyeshadow to lining my eyes. My fav day to day combo is Commando all over my lid. Lethal to line the top of my eye and Tempted to line under my eye. If I’m feeling crazy I’ll put a little Tempted in my crease, too. I can’t recommend this palette highly enough! It is such a great every day shadow pallet because they are all matte colors.


I generally need to use a waterproof mascara and they are the WORST, aren’t they?? They get so crusty. This is water-resistant but stays on me all day, which is a feat. I will say, this mascara is not the most revolutionary for thickening or lengthening, but it stays put and that’s why I love it.

So that is it! I use this eyeshadow palette if I want to amp up my eyes for a night out, but I basically do this routine no matter what!

What are your make up favs?? Any skincare must-haves??

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