Workout + Weekly Round Up

FRIIIIIIIDAY!!!  Well, actually I’m working tomorrow soooo it’s like a Thursday.  BUT, I have dinner with my girlfriends tonight so at least it will feel like Friday!

Back at it with the weekly round up.  But first, I’m sharing a workout I did this week that I LOVED!  DISCLAIMER: I have no personal training experience or certification.  I just like to work out!

Once a week I like to do a workout dedicated to my BOOTY.  I deadlift first, then I do a circuit of single leg movements.  Here was this week’s:

Deadlift 3×5 then 2×5 (I did 125 lb and 145 lb)
Then 3 Rounds of:
10 each leg
Single Leg Hip Thrust (I used a 20 lb dumbbell)
Front Rack Reverse Lunge (I used a 55 lb barbell)
Single Leg RDLs (Russian Deadlifts or Straight Leg Deadlifts, I used a 36 lb Kettlebell)
25 Frog Hip Thrust (I used a 20 lb dumbbell)

I’m sharing this because it made me so SORE in all the right places!  If you want any further explanations on what these movements are/how to do them correctly, DM me on Instagram!

Tank | Leggings

These are two of my favorite pieces of activewear!  I LOVE the brand Koral, so much so that I just picked it up for Boem (in-store only).  The tank is the perfect length, thin, and a breathable fabric.  I love everything about these leggings.  They are high rise with a thick, soft waistband.  I love this super shiny fabric and the moto details.  Plus they stay in place while I’m working out, so they are definitely fun and functional.  I’m wearing a small in both.

I also wanted to share a recipe for an easy smoothie.  I love this when I’m short on time in the morning.

Here’s what I do:

Handful of spinach
1 cup of almond milk (I use Trader Joe’s unsweetened vanilla)
1/2 frozen banana
1 scoop Catie’s Organic Greens Powder
1 scoop Vanilla Protein Powder (I use SFH brand)
Dash of Pumpkin Pie Spice
Ice (if needed to thicken)

Blend all ingredients (I use THIS immersion blender).  If I’m feeling crazy, I like to top mine with 1/4 cup of Kind Granola.  YUM!

Now onto the random weekly round up that is my life!

S’well | Another Pretty S’well | Govino Glasses

From working out and green smoothies to wine…pretty much sums me up!  LOL.  Did you know that an entire bottle of wine fits in a large S’well bottle?!  GENIUS!  And great for the pool.  I went to the pool last Saturday and put this bottle of Sauvignon Blanc (it’s a great one) into my S’well bottle.  I packed some Govino shatterproof glasses (you NEED these for cookouts, the pool, dog walks) and some Spindrift Grapefruit Sparkling Water.  You want to talk about a yummy daytime cocktail?  Mix two parts Spindrift to one part wine.  You can thank me later.

Dress | Heels

Sometimes I do put on heels and a dress and go out.  Rare, but it happens.  We saw the opera last week, so I wore one of my favorite dresses.  You really have to see this dress in person, the details are amazing!  I am wearing a small in the dress.


So truth be told, this is a baby bag (backpack, actually).  I use it as a laptop/work bag and it’s great for that, too!  It has a padded sleeve in the back that is perfect for my 15 inch Macbook.  The front pocket is insulated for bottles, but for me is a perfect place to stash my lunch.  And let’s be serious, this has got to be the best looking laptop bag you’ve ever seen!  My girlfriend thought it was by Marc Jacobs or Alexander Wang…nope, it’s by The Honest Company and is $149!  Oh, and it’s a faux leather that wipes clean which is awesome.

Sweater | Maxi | Gladiators

I bought this ivory cropped sweater on sale at Anthropologie last weekend.  I thought buying a sweater in May was weird, but I have worn it twice this week already…on back to back days no less!  I just love it so much.  It is SO soft and cozy, and I am always cold inside when the AC is on.  It’s the perfect length to wear with skirts (first pic) or layer over a dress (second pic).  I say snatch this one up while you can, ladies.  I’m wearing an XS in the sweater and a 4 in the maxi.

Leggings | Bra | Sneakers

Some more workout wear for ya.  I love these leggings (both of these pictures are of the leggings, you just can’t see the detail in the first pic).  Again, high rise.  Very nice stretchy fabric that holds its shape well.  Sweat-wicking.  And how cool are these details?  I love a legging that is functional for working out but would work just as well with a graphic tee to run errands.  I’m wearing an XS in these leggings.

Dry Shampoo | Dry Conditioner

I do not like to wash my hair.  What a pain.  I don’t even have particularly thick hair, but it takes forever to dry and I really need to style it if it’s going to look decent.  So to do that as little as possible, I like to use these products.  Let me tell you: Batiste makes the BEST dry shampoo and if you have dark hair, even better.  This particular one is designed for dark hair so it’s tinted and it is AWESOME.  There may be better dry shampoos on the market, but for the price this one can’t be beat.  Conditioner spray…have you ever heard of that?  Me neither but I gave it a shot and it’s great.  My hair gets greasy at the roots and then crunchy on the ends, so this product makes sure my hair stays relatively touchable between washes.  And it smells great.

And that’s it!  Hey, let me know (in the comments here or DM me on Insta or email me if there is ever anything in particular you want to see on the blog, I am open to ideas!  Enjoy the weekend!

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