Exaggerated Sleeves

If there is one trend I am obsessed with, it is all things EXAGGERATED, especially a sleeve.  This trend is going forward (I saw a lot of it coming for Fall 17) and I couldn’t be more excited.

Side note: Can we take a moment and express gratitude for this world we live in????  Back in the day, you would buy a Vogue magazine and covet things you couldn’t afford and never get to wear the trend because by the time you could afford it, it was out.  Fast forward to now…love it or hate it, but fast fashion is making trends accessible (and affordable) almost immediately, definitely within the same season.  I know there are fashion-purists out there who hate it, and I feel you, girl…but I LOVE IT.  And for whatever reason, I feel like trends are sticking around longer.  So we get to wear them even longer.  All I’m saying is we are lucky.  Be thankful.

So back to this exaggerated sleeve trend.  I’m not sure when it started, but last Fall is when I started really noticing it.  Now it’s everywhere, and you’re going to see it next Fall…so if you haven’t hopped on the trend, there is still time!

This top is Misa (one of my all-time favorite brands), and they have made it several times over several seasons in different fabrics/prints.  I am personally obsessed with this boho print, and I think it looks great with shorts for the Summer or would work with black ripped skinnies in the Winter.  I bought mine at Monkee’s here in Charlotte (they may still have it), and I have also linked it below, along with some other styles of this trend that I am loving.

Let’s talk about my shorts.  These are the shorts you see all over Instagram on legs much skinnier and longer than mine (LOL).  We have coined them ‘janties,’ or jean panties.  It’s not for everyone, and I have plenty of people who come try them on at Boem and they are just too dang short.  And truth be told, I probably shouldn’t be wearing them (I am 36 and my upper thighs are BY FAR the worst part of my body).  BUT, they are loose and comfortable and even though they may not be the MOST flattering, they are comfortable and maybe kind of cute.  Maybe.

I am wearing a small in the top and 26 in the shorts!

Top (on sale!) | Shorts (we also have a ton at Boem) | Bag | Sandals (limited sizes at Boem) | Gold Chain Choker

Here are some other styles I am loving:

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